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Good Hemp’s Top 5 favourite vegetarian recipes!

This week is National Vegetarian week, to make things easier for you at home, we have racked our brains and thought of our top 5 vegetarian and vegan friendly meals for you to add to your repertoire.

Following a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet is widely considered to be one of the best ways for us humble consumers to reduce our carbon footprint. Part of our mission here at Good Hemp is to encourage more people to try out plant-based ingredients, one dash of dairy-free milk at a time.

Now lets get into the recipes!


1. CBD Corn Tacos 

Up first we have CBD corn tacos, these handmade corn tacos have been paired with tahini, pickled onions and herbs, they are also laced with Good Hemp CBD oil for a bright and calm summer feeling all yearlong. You never know, these tacos could transport you to Mexico with every bite! 🌮 These are one of our favourite recipes because they are tasty, fresh and can be made fairly quickly!

2. Laksa Noodle Curry

Do you want to tuck into this warming noodle curry? Because same…. It’s packed full of tofu and HEMP!!! We talk about hemp a lot and it is in the majority of our recipes, but do you know why we go on about it so much? Well one reason being is its health benefits. Hemp is really really good for your gut.

➡️ Grace, a nutritional therapist spoke to Good Hemp last year and explained that “our gut (intestines) is constantly talking to our brain and vice versa. If you throw bad food into your body your gut will get mad at your brain and that will manifest in anxiety and oftentimes, depression.”

➡️ The billions of “good” bacteria that are found in your gut help prevent inflammation and improve how well you absorb nutrients from your food and activate the neural pathways between the gut and the brain. Not only that but 95% of your serotonin – our happy hormone that helps regulate sleep and mood – is produced in your gut, meaning there’s a direct link between the food you eat and your happiness levels.

3. Vegan Charcuterie Board

It is officially spring and warmer weather is on its way ☀️ That can only mean sitting in your garden or the park on a sunny afternoon with your friends. If you want to feel extra boujee this vegan charcuterie board is the one for you. Simply bring a large wooden board with you or lay it out onto a clean picnic blanket and tuck in. The board is all about your personal preference so you can add what you like – a tasty vegan cheese would go excellent with this board as well.

4. Chickpea Nourish Bowl

Nourish bowls are one of our favourite summer meals – fresh, light and packed full of goodness (hence the ‘nourish’ part of the name). There aren’t any official ingredients that make up a nourish bowl, however a good rule of thumb is to ensure you’re balancing your macros and including a lot of veggies. That being said, we are considering starting a petition to make CBD dressings the first essential component of a nourish bowl, considering how nourishing for your entire body it is. From helping you chill out to reducing pain and inflammation, CBD really does it all.

5. Cauliflower Flatbread Pizza

Last but not least we have our cauliflower flatbread pizza! This pizza has a Middle-Eastern twist on the classic pizza, using a flatbread as the base and topping with hummus, cauliflower and Good Hemp Heart Seeds. The recipe is very versatile and you can get creative adding different toppings depending on what you enjoy eating. You can have it for lunch or dinner and it’s super filling!



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