Seed Hearts

The main act, the reason we’re all here. Bursting with protein, fibre, and omegas this truly is a super seed. The nutritional make of these little seeds is incredible…

  • - Unique combination of omega 3 ALA & SDA and omega 6 GLA, in the perfect ratio to reap the benefits
  • - One of the few plant based sources of all 20 amino acids (including the 9 essential ones the body cant produce it’s self)
  • - High in fibre promoting healthy digestion

Hemp also an outstanding eco profile –  these seeds are incredibly easy to grow, they grow super quickly and naturally irrigate themselves meaning they need very little water –  if any. Hemp plants also breathe in 4 x more CO2 than trees, in one year a hectare of hemp can breathe in the CO2 of 12 cars.

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