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Want to do your bit for your body, the planet and the future? Change couldn’t be easier – and it starts with you. Here’s the spill on everything you need to know…


Hands up if cooking is meditation for you (with a meal at the end of it) 👋👋 For #mentalhealthawarenessweek, we want to talk about all the things you can do when you're not feeling so good. For the Good Hemp team it ranges from getting into nature to cooking an old recipe or taking some CBD. What do you do?
We’ve got some new things coming soon to Good Hemp 👀 We’ll send some to the first one to guess right in the comments below #FilledwithGood
1 in 5 people drink plant milk with their coffee. 1 in 4 households eat plant-based foods. Imagine the impact we could make, if we got everyone to switch to hemp? One small sip for man, one giant step for mankind. #FilledwithGood
Eating seasonally is better for you, and better for the planet 🌍 (a bit like us). We wrote a guide to the fruit and veg you should be eating this summer. Link in bio or click stories...

Support this week's
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Support this week's
good cause

Restore nature on a massive scale to help stop climate breakdown

Here at Good Hemp, we’re all about change for good. If you are too, come and join us…


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