Our Mission

So if you’re ok with climate change, read no further. If not, how about bringing some hemp seed-based goodness into your life?

These little miracles are as great for the planet as they are for the people who live on it.

and making a difference is as easy as sprinkling a few seeds on your breakfast or switching your milk.

we’re on a mission to change the world for good

  • No more animal emissions

  • No more deforestation

  • No more unhealthy stuff

  • No more poor substitutes

what the hemp?

Want to know a bit (maybe even a lot) more about hemp and why it’s so great?
We’ve got a heap of facts, info and some frequently (some not-so-frequently) asked questions.


A good 20 years ago, our founders Henry & Glyn sowed the first seeds of our mission on their farm in Devon.
Read all about it, just this way…


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