Oat + Hemp Milk


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BEST BEFORE – 21st JULY 2023.

You’re going to be t-oat-ally obsessed with our new hemp and oat milk! We’ve blended up sweet and creamy oatwith light and nutty hemp to make the perfectly balanced plant milk of dreams.  

This pairing of sustainable legends hits that spot between tasting delicious yet not too over-powering, tip into your tea, pour into porridge and swirl into smoothies.  

 Why we think it’s cool:  

  • Creamy and delicious  
  • A combo of the top two sustainable plant milks  
  • Never ever splits in tea or coffee  
  • No Dairy
    No Dairy
    No Nuts
    No Nuts
  • Water, Oat (6%), Hemp Oil (1%), Sunflower Oil (1%), Cane Sugar (0.4%), Faba Bean Protein, Sunflower Lecithin, Stabiliser (Gellan Gum), Sea Salt (0.1%)

    Average quantity per 100ml
    Energy 170KJ/41kcal
    Protein 0.3g
    Fat 2.4g
    of which saturates 0.3g
    of which polyunsaturates 1.4g
    of which monounsaturates 0.6g
    Carbohydrate 4.3g
    of which sugars 2.9g*
    Dietary Fibre <0.5g
    Sodium 40mg
    Omega-3 0.2g
    Omega-6 1.3g

Hemp Milk Vs Other Dairy-Free Milks


There’s no doubt about it – the popularity of dairy-free milk is on the rise. Many consumers are making the switch as they become increasingly aware of the negative impact that dairy milk has on the environment and their health. For example, did you know that, when compared to cow’s milk, dairy-free milk takes up nine times less land to produce and emits one third of the amount of greenhouse gas? But even once you’ve entered the dairy-free world there’s still a bunch of information to sift through – and with new sources of milk entering the market seemingly every day, it can be hard to know which is best.

Orange Hot Chocolate (Dairy-free and Healthy!)


You never forget the first time you have an orange hot chocolate, and we’ll always be bewildered by the fact it isn’t a regular on every café’s menu. If you- like us- wish you could spend every day of the year drinking Terry’s Chocolate Orange, then look no further. The incredible Luce Hosier (aka What Luce Eats) has made this delicious and HEALTHY(ish) orange hot chocolate recipe for us and we’re blown away.

Introducing Oat + Hemp Milk

Anyone who has hemp milk with their porridge knows how well the two go together, and with the rise in popularity of oat milk, it only made sense to have a go at blending the two together. The result – a creamy and delicious milk that swirls perfectly into tea, blends smoothly into smoothies and can take your bowl of shreddies to the next level. After trials and trials of Oat + Hemp, we’ve perfected the recipe and can promise you that not only is it delicious in a cup of tea, but it will also never ever split.

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