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Introducing Oat + Hemp Milk

Please welcome the newest member of our family, Oat + Hemp Milk. Anyone who has hemp milk with their porridge knows how well the two go together, and with the rise in popularity of oat milk, it only made sense to have a go at blending the two together. The result – a creamy and delicious milk that swirls perfectly into tea, blends smoothly into smoothies and can take your bowl of shreddies to the next level.

If there’s one thing a plant milk needs to taste good with, it’s tea. A good cup of tea can solve all problems from a long day to a broken heart, and there’s nothing more disappointing than adding your milk only to find it curdles are ruins your cuppa. Basically, if there’s one thing we don’t want to mess up, it’s your cup of tea.

Dairy milk is naturally at the perfect level of acidity to be able to withstand the heat and pH of tea and coffee, however plant milks are different. After trials and trials of Oat + Hemp, we’ve perfected the recipe and can promise you that not only is it delicious in a cup of tea, but it will also never ever split.

After banging on about the importance of making sustainable choices and how little changes can have a big impact, it would be pretty ironic for us to start selling almond milk given the negative effect it has on the environment. We’re still getting over the fact it takes 5 litres of water to grow just one almond… However, oat is up there with hemp as one of the most sustainable plant milks available! Meaning you can sip and slurp away with a clear conscience.

Don’t just take our word for it – you can get your hands on our new Oat + Hemp Milk here, Enjoy!

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