Pure 85% Hemp Protein


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‘Where do you get your protein from?’

This is the most annoying question to hear if you’re plant-based/cutting down on your meat consumption. Our solution? Just forward them the link to this page  and they won’t be asking that question again any time soon. With an whopping 25.5g of protein per 30g serving, our 85% hemp protein can stand up to any whey alternative plus it won’t make your gut gurgle, what’s there not to love?

Use however you use protein powder, blend into a smoothie, stir into porridge, or add to your bakes for a protein boost.

Reasons we think it’s cool:

  • Super duper high in protein
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Free from all 14 major allergens
  • 500g per pouch

Good Hemp’s Favourite High Protein Vegan Snacks


Hungry? Vegan? Looking for a high protein snack? You’ve come to the right place. If your active lifestyle means you’re on the go a lot, you don’t always have time to prepare an elaborate meal. We get it. That’s why it’s good to always have a snack on hand in case your energy levels run low – and we’re not talking about the addictive processed treats from our childhood here. If you need a little help to keep going between your afternoon run and the end of your workday, high protein snacks are a perfect part of your routine. These are perfect as it takes longer for your body to digest protein than carbs, leaving you feeling all the more full and satisfied as you go about your day.

What Is the Best Keto Protein Powder?


Whether your goal is to lose weight, manage a medical condition such as diabetes, or simply to re-boost your metabolism, the keto diet has become extremely popular in recent years. While carbs take a back seat, it’s important to maintain a moderate protein consumption while following a keto diet plan, which is a pretty easy feat if you’re a fan of our fabulous collection of hemp protein powders! Gloating aside, we’ve decided to look into which is the best protein powder to use on the keto diet.

From Powders to Peas: The Best Vegan Protein Sources


Did you know that only about 2% of the population follows a vegan diet?  While this number might seem a tad underwhelming, there are now over 1 million of us vegans in the UK – six times more than we were back in 2014. Online searches for veganism are at an all-time high, and some estimates suggest that our numbers could double by 2022.  If you have an active lifestyle that requires a protein-rich diet, there are some great vegan protein sources available to help you reach your daily target, from powders and hemp seeds to lentils and more.

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