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Good Hemp’s Top 5 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Did someone say breakfast? Although it might not technically be the most important meal of the day, it is in our eyes! From sweet to savoury you can have it all – but what is your favourite vegan breakfast? We have thought of 101 but here are our top 5 vegan breakfasts that our ambassadors have created!


1. Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

Muffins for breakfast? You had me at “muffins”! These delicious apple and cinnamon muffins aren’t as naughty for you as they might look! They are packed with protein, healthy fats, fibre and they are gluten free  🙌🏻 They can be enjoyed as a nutritious breakfast or healthy snack! They are also ideal for freezing so if you want to make a large batch of these goodies for a later date, then go ahead and freeze them! If we are being honest, we would eat all ours within 24 hours of baking and there wouldn’t be any left for freezing…..

2. Tropical CBD Chia Pudding

Great as either a healthy pudding or an easy breakfast you can make the night before, our CBD chia pudding is as chilled as it gets. Like hemp seeds, chia seeds are a great source of omega-3, fibre and protein and when combined with liquid, expand to form a gelatinous gooey texture. We recommend topping with kiwi, mango and coconut flakes, however any fruit works!

3. Tropical Pancakes

We love pancakes and we could eat them breakfast, lunch and dinner if we wanted! 🥞The real question that everyone wants to know is, what do you like to top your pancakes with? The list is endless really, however we have got for a tropical twist with these pancakes! They are topped with coconut yoghurt and coconut shavings – you could even go all out and add some passionfruit seeds to this or pineapple!

4. Hempy chocolate overnight oats

We are going to disagree with you straight away if you think oats are boring, because they aren’t! Here we have a creamy overnight oat base with a dark chocolate shell. Do you know why this recipe is perfect? If not, we will tell you why! Who has time to make breakfast in the morning anymore? Ok we might have time, but we prefer to have a little extra 5 minutes snooze in the morning… If you’re in the same position as us, we have answered your prayers! You simply make the oats up the night before, pop it in the fridge and it will be waiting for you in the morning to enjoy. It is also the perfect breakfast to make if you have to travel into work but aren’t starving hungry as soon as you wake up. With the added hempy goodness, this breakfast is packed full of fibre which helps keep you fuller for longer – we also love eating it to fuel our bodies before a workout 🏃‍♀️

5. Super Hemp Breakfast in Bed

Last but not least is our full one hemp filled breakfast! If you fancy treating yourself or someone you love, this is the perfect breakfast for you! In the recipe you’ll make a fresh and zesty fruit salad with grapefruit, oranges, mint leaves and CBD – this is the ultimate breakfast side during the warm summer months. We couldn’t just leave it there because this ultimate hemp breakfast also has pancakes and of course a cup of tea!


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