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24 Self-Care Pledges to Make to Yourself

We often see pledges as things we do to help the rest of the world. And that’s great. That’s why we’re promising to grow more hemp and cut carbon emissions as part of our #PledgeforGood.

But what about the care we give to ourselves? It’s easy to think we’re only as worthy as the number of ticks on the to-do list. It’s like expecting your phone to work when it’s not been charged for a week. Looking forward to a strong coffee when there’s no beans in the machine. Pouring from an empty cup.

We’ve challenged the Good Hemp team to try a few of these self-care pledges, and would love for you to join in. They’re less ‘diet starts tomorrow’, more singing Lizzo in the shower. Belly laughing like you did at school. And finding a morning routine that *actually* makes you feel like waking up early.

  1. Switch off. Less scrolling, more real-life conversations. And sleep. Start with a 9pm cut off. Aim for phone-free weekends if you’re feeling strong.
  2. Read a book or magazine (in all that free time now you’re off your phone). 
  3. Get bored.
  4. Try a new hobby. Crochet, photography, collecting fruit stickers. Learn to handstand. Find something you’re passionate about and go for it. These beginner’s weaving kits use British yarn rescued from landfill.
  5. Call a friend.
  6. Drink more water. Even if that means balancing a G&T in the other hand. 
  7. Create a morning or evening routine. Carve out some me-time to bookend the day. That could mean an 8am dog walk with coffee and a playlist full volume, or winding down with your phone on airplane mode and a 10 minute journaling session.
  8. Tune into gratitude. You know, saying thanks for things like family, free shipping and that really good hemp-milk latte you had at lunch. Write it down, tell someone or think about it on your commute. The more grateful you are, the more positive your outlook on life.
  9. Declutter. Just a little at a time. FYI: you can order a free Oxfam donation bag to post off pre-loved clothes and accessories.
  10. Jump in puddles.
  11. Run (if that’s what makes you feel good). Whether you’re smashing a 10k or managing a brisk walk-jog around the park and back, a little exercise might just help ease hang-ups and anxieties. Thanks, endorphins.
  12. Rest. As important as the exercise. Between seven and nine hours’ sleep is the goal. Bonus points for cat naps. 
  13. Make art.
  14. Make a nice meal. (This chickpea nourish bowl with CBD dressing is in our current rotation.)
  15. Sing in the shower. Shampoo bottle microphone, optional.
  16. Find an affirmation that works for you. ‘I am enough.’ ‘I am creating the life I want.’ Say it in the mirror every day for three weeks and see if you notice any changes. 
  17. Make space to laugh more. Scientists say it gives you more energy, more creativity and far less stress.
  18. Ask for help when you need it. Whether that’s a favour from a friend, colleague or a professional. There’s no shame in needing support. 
  19. Dance. Hard.
  20. Light a candle and take a few deep breaths.
  21. Spend some time in nature. Scaling a mountain or strolling around an urban greenspace. Let Mother Nature recharge your batteries.
  22. Save, when you can. Perhaps you’ve been eyeing up a new camera. Dreaming of a weekend break. Set yourself a goal and put a little aside every month. Look after the pennies and the pounds will get spent, but on something you *really* want. 
  23. Wake early to watch the sunrise. Bonus points for watching the sunset too.
  24. And when all else fails? Watch cat videos. 
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