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Welcome to #PledgeForGood

Our mission has always been to get hemp into the hands of as many of you as possible. We like to say “Sow and grow more hemp for the planet, eat and drink more hemp for you”, because there really is nothing else as environmentally nurturing and nutritionally nourishing as hemp. It’s the no compromise crop. However as a business, we aren’t without challenges…

This month we’re going to be investigating about how sustainable we actually are as a business, what areas we can improve in and how we can get there. Although this may reveal some shortcomings, we want to be open about where we are, and transparently commit to you our improvements.

Welcome to #PledgeForGood, where we’re going to be making Pledges to change, and challenging you to join us. The following making as a business that we believe will reflect the changes we want to see in the world.

Ok we’ll go first…

  1. Help the UK grow more hemp

    Whilst we do grow our own hemp, we get the vast majority of our hemp seeds from France and Canada. We would love to buy all of our seed from the UK, however hemp growing in the UK just isn’t commercially viable enough for us to do so. We’re therefore currently working on a super secret project to try and fix this, and get over the hurdles faced by UK farmers wanting to grow hemp.

  2. Become a Zero Waste factory

    As you might have heard, a third to a half of all food is thrown away globally, however contrary to what you might have been told, the bulk of the problem is not yours to fix. The vast majority of this wastage happens way before food gets into the hands of the customer. Quite often it’s cheaper to make more for less and throw away anything that doesn’t get used, however this particular pretty penny is saved at the expense of the planet. We want to expand our waste-prevention strategies until we completely eradicate any waste at our production site.

  3. Issue the first Good Hemp Impact Report

    We talk a lot about the wonders of hemp, but what about Good Hemp? We need to know more about where we’re at as a business, so we’re teaming up with Climate Partner to look at our impact on the planet, work from which we’ll be publishing in our first ever impact report. In the works right now, the report will cover our product footprint, site footprint and emissions to ensure we’re operating as efficiently as possible.

And in the spirit of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”, we want you to join us and make your own Pledges to change for yourself.

What’s that thing that you always tell yourself you’re going to do, but never quite get around to? Not rearranging your sock draw or alphabetising your bookshelf. We’re talking about that thing that you believe will really add value and joy to your life. Maybe it’s getting up an hour earlier to read in bed. Maybe it’s cutting out meat from your diet. Maybe it’s journaling.

Whatever it is, as long as it’s making a positive impact on your life, we encourage you to make a change together with us. The rules are simple, set out clear intentions of your Pledge, why you want to make it, how you believe it will add value and how you’re going to achieve it.

Let us know what your Pledge is going to be by using the hashtag #PledgeForGood and tagging us on your socials. We’re going to be sharing each other’s stories and some tips about motivating yourself and forming new habits, so keep up to date by following us at @goodhemp on Instagram or signing up to our email newsletter which you can do here.

We’re looking forward to hearing about all of your Pledges and seeing them come to Life!


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