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What Do We Test for in the Labs?

There are three stages of testing during the manufacturing of CBD oils:

  1. The first stage involves testing the initial raw material (dried hemp, hemp seed oil and any other natural flavourings we use). This ensures there are no signs of pesticides or any other toxins present, including mycotoxins and heavy metals or unwanted materials (toxins = yucky, and we don’t want that).
  2. The second stage occurs during the extraction phase, where we test the purity of the CBD. This typically involves repeating the same testing process we did during the first stage, but with the addition of cannabinoids. Once we are satisfied the CBD is purified and meets our exacting standards, we are finally ready to formulate our products.
  3. The final stage of testing is for cannabinoids (yes, again!) to ensure our CBD oil is free of impurities such as THC, as well as checking that the final CBD ratio is right.
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