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Good Hemp’s Guide to Going Organic for Organic September

When it comes to better health and wellbeing, the start of a new month is a good opportunity to try something new. 

But let’s back up for a moment. 

Just because we’re moving into Autumn (new season, new me?), going into September doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea to make a major life change right now. The coronavirus pandemic has done it’s fair share of that already this year.

We’re thinking more along the lines of something simple, like trying a short period of eating more organic food. The idea would be to try it out for a month, and see how it affects your mood and energy levels. Sound good?

As luck would have it, Organic September kicks off on the 1st (ok ok, we knew it was coming). This yearly campaign encourages consumers to try organic produce, while also shining a light on local producers in the UK. Being the eager beavers we are, we’ve created a guide to tell you everything you need to know about going organic if you’re up for the challenge. 

How to Start Eating Organic, Step by Step

Exploring organic eating for the first time requires examining two fairly standard parts of your routine, namely what food you consume the most, and how you go about your grocery shopping. 

  • Start by making a list of all the usual staples on your grocery list. Put a star next to the three to five items you consume the most in a week, and make sure they have an organic alternative (or similar alternative) by doing a quick Google search. As a bonus, see if you can find out about whether any waste related to these items can be reduced in any way (potato skins, for example, can be used to make delicious crisps for the weekend!).
  • Next, research a few local organic produce suppliers in your area. Try to find out if they sell the specific items on your organic list, and whether they are located close to where you live. If they have a physical store and you’re living the post-lockdown life (living the dream), make a plan to pop in and explore their organic range as a whole.
  • Once you have your produce, all that’s left to do is to start experimenting with recipes and you’re on your way.

Grow your own vegetables and herbs

It’s a secret ambition of most of us to live more like Professor Sprout from Harry Potter, no? In an ideal world, it totally would be.

Going organic doesn’t always need to involve buying produce. There is a common misconception about how difficult it is to grow your own produce. People living the big city life often assume they don’t have the time or right living conditions to cultivate a small garden, but even these circumstances lend themselves to growing a small herb garden, which requires little maintenance, sunlight or space. 

The key is to start small. Begin by planting a handful of easy-to-grow seeds (perhaps one of the items on your three to five list from earlier), and do a bit of research about the best way to keep the plant alive. If you’re scared of failure, don’t sweat it too much. Growing your own produce involves learning from each attempt, and getting accustomed to your unique environment and what can realistically grow there. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you encounter a flop crop™ like the millions of others who came before you. Enjoy the missteps alongside the victories, and you’ll have a green thumb in no time. 

How Online Grocery Shopping Can Help You Eat Organic

Another way to go organic is to consider one of the most recent essential services around the world: online grocery shopping. 

If you’ve tried ordering fruit and veg from a large supermarket chain, you might have experienced the disappointment of receiving a bunch of carrots that were ready to be cooked well… yesterday. While large supermarkets certainly have their perks (we’re talking about bulk deals), grocery pickers are often under a lot of time pressure and the last thing they’re thinking about is whether the vegetable they are picking is the freshest of the lot.  

This usually isn’t a problem when you order from a smaller sustainable grocery store. These guys specialise in offering fresh, organic local produce, often with no GMOs, using minimal packaging and catering to people with all kinds of dietary requirements. Tempted? Check out our guide to the best sustainable food delivery in London

Local fruit and veg delivery

The thing is, these suppliers may be hiding in plain sight in your neighbourhood. Keep your eyes peeled, as they often show up in the form of off-licences or convenience stores.

Let’s level with each other for a quick sec. The coronavirus has hurt businesses of all shapes and sizes, but small businesses with limited resources have had even more hurdles to cross. By buying organic produce from a niche, sustainable grocer, you’re not only helping a small business stay afloat, but pumping money back into the local economy. It’s a win-win if we ever saw one. 

Places like The Grocery in Hackney are paving the way for the natural and vegan produce movement. They’re going above and beyond by working directly with hundreds of farms to supply and deliver organic fruit and vegetables to their customers. They also have a tasty selection of additive-free wines. Who knew that drinking wine could be so good for the world after all?

Organic wine vendors

Speaking of wine, Wanderlust Wine supplies organically farmed, biodynamic wine from small producers only. Its production line feeds directly into other small businesses and as a result, they are stimulating and growing the network of organic ventures in the UK. It’s not uncommon to see these types of businesses pairing up with other smaller partners, so even if you’re just keen to buy your next bottle from these guys in September, you will already be eating (or um… consuming) organic in a way. 

Organic September, Here We Come

Organic September is a great opportunity to start exploring organic produce, and by trying out one or two of the suggestions in this guide, you’ll already be on your way towards leading a more sustainable life. 

If you’re ready to take on the challenge in full force, you’ll probably need some inspiration to keep you going a few weeks into the month. Try our sustainable food delivery guide if you’re looking for extra motivation during or if you’re just keen to keep the conversation going. 

September will be over in a flash, and we’re rooting for you! Here’s to a great month of trying new things. Good luck and enjoy!

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