“Before I had the tiny outdoor garden I grew a variety of herbs in front of a south facing window. One of the best herbs to grow indoors is basil and it’s also easy to start from seed!

One of my favourite ways to use basil is to make hemp oil pesto with garlic from the allotment. Don’t stop at basil though, give parsley, dill and even shiso a try from seed, the of methods are all the same!

Some of the perennial herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage are not usually recommended for growing indoors but bought as small seedlings they did just fine planted in a terracotta pot in my old sunny bedroom window, so give it a go!”



Grab a small container – anything with holes in the bottom for drainage will do! (if you want, you can cut your hemp milk garden in half poke some holes in the bottom and voila!)


Fill it with peat free compost and gently tamp it down level. Sprinkle your basil seeds lightly over the surface, cover them with a light layer of compost and water them in.


Keep the surface compost moist (covering with a clear lid can be useful here) until the seeds have germinated.


When there are a few sets of leaves, pinch off the tips (top set of leaves) and it will encourage your basil to produce side shoots, giving you stable and productive plants.


Water whenever the surface compost is dry or you notice the leaves just starting to wilt.