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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Hemp Protein

Good Hemp has a long history of championing the benefits of hemp – it’s a super sustainable crop that’s a great source of lots of essential nutrients including omega 3, fibre and protein.

One of the latest additions to our fabulous range of wholesome hemp products is hemp protein powder. Here we answer all your burning questions, so you can fuel your body the plant-based way! One scoop at a time.

What is Hemp Protein Powder?

We can’t speak for the other products out there, but our hemp protein powder is 100% natural hemp seed powder without any artificial additives. If you’re struggling to get enough protein in your (plant-based?) diet, or perhaps are looking to Hulk up, a scoop or two of this stuff is a super easy way to boost your daily intake. To add to Good Hemp’s list of protein powder pros, all of our powders are vegan, gluten-free, bursting with all 20 amino acids (including the 9 essential ones), plus are packed with fibre, healthy fats and minerals for good measure. 

Brb after we dust off our shoulders…

How is Hemp Protein Powder Made?

All of our hemp products are made on our hemp farm in Devon. We don’t grow everything there, we actually source the highest-quality hemp seeds from France, which arrive on our farm ready to be transformed into our Good Hemp protein powder. We do this by pressing the seeds and grinding them down into a fine powder, perfect for mixing into shakes and smoothies.

Did you know that a 30-gram serving (three tablespoons) of raw hemp seeds contains a whopping 9.3 grams of protein? Sprinkle them over your porridge or crust your tofu with them and you’ll soon be giving Popeye a run for his money.

What Does Hemp Protein Taste Like?

Ours is unflavoured – earthy and neutral-tasting – and doesn’t contain any additives, which is great, but we wouldn’t recommend making it the main feature of whatever you’re whizzing up. It’s best used for cooking, baking and blending. 

And luckily for you we have all the ingredients… 

How Do I Make Hemp Protein Powder Taste Good?

There’s a thousand ways you can make hemp protein powder taste nice, whether you want a post-workout smoothie or feel like getting your apron on. We have some slurp-tastic smoothie recipes (if we do say so ourselves) that make a great high-protein way to start the day, or if elevenses is more your thing, try our protein-packed pancakes, brownies, breads and other tasty recipes in our inspirational cookbook instead. We’ll take a slice of the dark chocolate and macadamia protein loaf please)…

Does Hemp Protein Build Muscle?

If you’re on the muscle gain train, you might be asking yourself whether you can build the same amount of muscle on a plant-based diet as you can by eating animal products. 

The answer is yes – hemp is a complete protein (meaning it contains an adequate proportion of the 9 essential amino acids necessary in the human diet) which helps you build and restore muscle tissue without any of the animal suffering that comes with whey protein. And that’s just one of the benefits of hemp over whey.

Amino acids are the key building blocks for muscle growth, each playing a role in decreasing muscle fatigue and alleviating soreness. So you can train to your heart’s content, knowing your pre and post-workout hemp protein hit has got your recovery, well, covered. It’s also a good idea to get clued up on how much protein you need per day to build muscle, so you can achieve those well-earned gainz safely.

Does Hemp Protein Get You High?

No, silly! The hemp plants that we’re permitted to grow for industrial use these days are bred to have less than 0.3% THC in them – an amount so tiny that it doesn’t get you high when you take it. So you won’t have to worry about experiencing any of the psychoactive effects you would from certain other strains of the cannabis plant… 

Does Hemp Protein Contain THC?

Nope – though hemp is in the same plant family as marijuana, hemp seeds don’t contain any detectable amount of THC. In fact, research shows that consuming up to 300g of hemp seeds per day will not interfere with urine drug tests – so you won’t be caught red-handed in the office for failing the workplace drugs test! Which is always a win, isn’t it.

Is Hemp Protein Paleo?

It sure is! Hemp protein powder is the most paleo-friendly out of the plant-based proteins, and also the one with the most complete amino acid profile. As you probably know, the Paleo diet (aka caveman diet) consists of whole foods thought to mirror those eaten by our earliest ancestors during the Paleolithic era, limiting foods that became popular when farming and processing emerged some 10,000 years ago. 

Since our hemp protein powder is 100% natural, it officially passes the Paleo test! And we’re pretty sure that if it was available at the time, cave men and women would be partial to a scoop or two.

Does Hemp Protein Powder go Bad?

Eventually, yes, but definitely not as quickly as whey protein powders. Our hemp protein powders’ shelf life is a year, but to keep it good for as long as possible, make sure it’s kept in a dry space in a water-tight container (preferably reusable!). We all know that expiration dates are just an estimate, but if it starts smelling funky or showing mouldy bits, chuck it out!

How Much Hemp Protein Powder Should I Put in My Smoothie?

We recommend 30g per serving – that’s about two tablespoons. Most people have one serving a day, but depending on how much you work out and how much protein you get from the rest of your diet, you might want to up this to three servings a day. If you want to dive a little deeper into the mathematics of it all, take a look at the British Heart Foundation’s guide for recommended daily protein intake.

Is Hemp Protein Good for You?

Yes! You know us, we could preach for days about all of the amazing benefits hemp protein has, but for now we’ll say it’s a great source of energy, fibre, plant-based protein and it has the perfect omega-3 – omega-6 ratio. 

Mic drop. 

Why Should You Choose Hemp Protein Powder?

There’s a list of reasons why we believe you should choose hemp protein over other available powders out there, the point we’re most passionate about being that it’s way more environmentally friendly than whey powder. It’s produced without any animal suffering and it doesn’t come with the energy slump you get from eating animal products, either. What’s more, it’s super allergy-friendly as it doesn’t contain any dairy, gluten or nuts.

If you’re searching for a 100% natural protein powder that provides an extra boost, Good Hemp’s scoop-tastic range is without doubt your go-to. Head over to our online shop and you’ll find everything from pure hemp protein and hemp seed flour (popular with baking enthusiasts) to a hemp protein fibre boost – for a jam-packed scoop of health!

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