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Does CBD Get You High and Other Common Misconceptions

So you want to try our range of high-quality Pure CBD oil for the first time, but you’re worried about how it will affect your mental state.

Yes, you will still be able to drive your car. You’ll also be able to get on with work in the same way you’ve always done. A major misconception about CBD oil is that it will produce a psychoactive effect in the same way THC (from the THC-rich cannabis plant dubbed marijuana) does.

Here’s the difference. THC produces a high or euphoric state, whereas CBD restores homeostasis (the natural balance of the body) while leaving you feeling relaxed and – most importantly – fully functional. CBD is still a powerful mood-altering compound, as even a small dose can have an unmistakable positive effect on your wellbeing – it just won’t leave you feeling high in the same way as its charismatic cousin will. Myth no. 1 debunked!

There are other myths about CBD that are doing the rounds too. Let’s put those to bed once and for all.

Other Good Hemp CBD Myths Debunked

There are some common misconceptions about CBD that can be debunked relatively quickly. These include the idea that pure CBD oils contain THC, that it will show up on drug tests, that using a high dose of CBD provides better results and more.

1. “CBD Oil Contains THC”

CBD oils might originate from cannabis plants, but if they’re extracted from the hemp variety, they will contain no (or a negligible) amount of THC. Here at Good Hemp, we only have regulated suppliers that have lab practices in place to test the oils from field through to final product, ensuring that our CBD oil’s free of THC, terpenes and toxins.

That said, we sell CBD isolate – other UK-based suppliers sell full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil that can contain THC and terpenes, and as a result will have more high-inducing side effects with use.

2. “CBD Oil Use Shows Up on a Drug Test”

False! CBD might be found in a cannabis plant, but unlike THC, it won’t show up on a drug test. In the UK, high-quality CBD oils intended for human consumption are regulated to the point where they contain negligible traces to no THC at all. So even if you’re a regular CBD oil user, it shouldn’t show up on a workplace drug screening.

To avoid running into problems, always ensure you buy from a regulated manufacturer (oh hi!) that has the lab results to prove it. Some unregulated options from abroad may contain as much as 5% THC. Let’s avoid any run-ins with the law, yes?

3. “CBD Oil is the Same as Hemp Oil”

Not true. A key difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is that hemp oil doesn’t contain CBD. It’s made from cold-pressing the hemp seed into an omega-rich oil that’s mostly used in the kitchen.

CBD oil is manufactured by extracting the CBD compound from other parts of the hemp plant: the leaves, flowers and stalk. If you’re worried about whether there is any THC in hemp oil, don’t be: just like our pure CBD oil isolate, it’s THC free.

4. “A Higher CBD Oil Dosage is Always Better”

No, it isn’t! Depending on how sensitive you are to the effects of CBD you *may* want to up your dosis after a few days or a week, but that doesn’t mean that you should be upping it exponentially to achieve the desired effect. Some people get the most benefit out of microdosing, taking only a few drops a day. Whatever you do, stick to the maximum daily intake of 70 mg and the health benefits will follow suit.

5. “It’s Illegal to Buy CBD Oil in the UK”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially with CBD as an isolated substance – like our pure CBD oil – you can’t go wrong, as CBD isolate isn’t controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations (MDR) act of 1971 or 2001. If you wanted to buy CBD oil that does contain controlled substances like THC or THC-V, then it would be controlled under MDA 1971 / MDR 2001. In order for it to be lawfully available for human consumption, it would need to meet:

  • The Exempted Product Criteria in Regulation 2 of the MDR 2001
  • The definition of a ‘cannabis-based product for medicinal use in humans’ (CBPM) in Schedule 2 to the MDR 2001

6. “CBD is a Sedative”

Good Hemp CBD oil is not a sedative – in fact, moderate doses of it are mildly energising or ‘alerting’, helping with concentration and productivity. If some CBD oils do have a sedating effect, it’s likely to come from their myrcene-rich terpene profile – myrcene is a terpene with sedating and painkilling properties. Pure CBD oil like ours, however, is carefully tested in a lab to ensure that they’re totally free of THC, terpenes and other unwanted impurities.

At extremely high doses (which we don’t recommend trying), CBD can be sleep inducing. At the correct dose, however, CBD can help with alleviating anxiety-related symptoms that are disruptive to healthy sleeping patterns – it helps to calm your mind so that you’re able to sleep better at night.

Here’s how @hijessiemay is using our uplifting citrus CBD oil to relief her anxiety.


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7. “CBD Oil Can Cure Cancer”

As much as we would love for this to be true, there is no scientific evidence that CBD oil can cure cancer. One clinical trial, however, tested the efficacy and safety of CBD in relieving the overall symptom burden of patients with advanced cancer, suggesting that it allowed them to cope better with the challenges brought on by the symptoms of the disease and improved their general sense of wellbeing.

The use of cannabidiol in pain and symptom management continues to be a hot topic in medical circles around the world.

Where to Buy Pure CBD Oil

As part of our vision to be the number one hemp experts in the UK, we’ve done what we can to make Pure CBD oil as accessible as possible to all Britons in our online store. The result is a collection of eco-conscious, 100% natural oils that are all made with lab-verified, pure CBD isolate. You don’t even have to deal with that bitter flavour when you buy from us: try our citrus and peppermint options and send your taste buds on a bit of an adventure as well!



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