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CBD Oil’s Benefits on Health and Wellbeing

There are so many benefits to CBD oil that it’s hard to know where to begin. From anxiety, depression and concentration to chronic pain, PMS and sleep, CBD oil can be used to treat a variety of different ailments.

Today we’re going to explore some of the benefits CBD oil can have on your health and wellbeing (these benefits are part of the reason why we decided to launch our new range of Pure CBD oil drops). By the end of this blog post, you’re going to understand why we refer to it as a magical compound (cue the Disney theme) and talk about it as much as we talk about peace, love and saving the planet. 

While not high-inducing like its cousin THC, cannabidiol (the fancy way of saying CBD) has been dipping into the world of science a bit more than usual in recent years, becoming the subject of many active studies keen to explore more of its effect on health and wellbeing.

We admit that it may still be early days, but as some results already suggest, CBD could make a major impact moving into the future. 

What is CBD?

Coming back to earth for a moment, we should probably start by talking a bit about what exactly CBD is. If you’ve read any of our other pieces, you’ll know that we’re big on hemp. In fact all of our products are made of seeds from the hemp plant (aka hemp seeds), and CBD isn’t far removed. It’s actually created by using the leaves and flowers of hemp plants. 

The compound is special because of what it does in the body after ingestion (and we might add that there are many ways on how to take CBD, from capsules, to beverages and even as a tropical rub or balm). 

CBD oil works alongside the endocannabinoid system in the body, and in conjunction with each other, certain brain receptors are activated. These receptors regulate things like mood, body temperature and more. From there, the opportunities to experience a variety of health benefits are endless. 

Interested? Good! We’ve actually dedicated a whole blog post to what CBD oil is and why you should try it – check it out to learn more!

6 CBD Oil Benefits

The benefits of CBD Oil on our health have been highlighted by early scientific research and study participant testimonials, as well as by regular adopters who advocate for its use over and above it just being a non-hallucinogenic “pick me up”. Learnings have ranged from physical to mental health benefits, a couple of which we’re super excited to share with you today. 

  • Can aid in pain relief

That doesn’t sound quite like what the PE teacher used to say to us back in high school (the trauma!). In the case of CBD — which could help with pain alleviation — this alternative catchphrase sticks a little better. 

Chronic pain greatly reduces quality of life, and nobody likes waking up feeling sore every morning. Some studies suggest that CBD oil may affect the brain receptors in a way that manages pain. Preclinical studies are testing how CBD can help with pain related to arthritis, spinal cord injuries and even just general muscle pain. 

  • Can aid in Neuroprotective disorders

Neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease result in the slow and steady deterioration of the brain and associated nerves.

None of these are easy conditions to deal with, so researchers are studying a particular receptor located near the brain (called CB1), with hopes that CBD oil could assist with treatment. While not as conclusive yet, there are positive signs that CBD may have a role to play in future treatments for all kinds of neurological diseases.

  • Can reduce anxiety

Anxiety affects mental health directly, and can disrupt all areas of your life. Some research suggests that CBD oil may change the way the receptors in the brain respond to serotonin, a neurotransmitter affecting mood, cognition, learning, memory and more. 

The result may be reduced stress, which could even lead to getting a better night’s sleep. Who doesn’t love a good 8 hour snooze? *cue Insomnia by Faithless*

Here’s how @hijessiemay uses our pure CBD oil to ease her anxiety and sleep better at night.


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  • Can reduce blood pressure

High blood pressure can quickly turn into a more serious condition like a stroke or heart attack. The good news is that research is suggesting that CBD oil may have multiple benefits related to the heart and circulatory system. 

A recent trial tested a small sample of men with a dose of CBD oil, finding that it reduced their resting blood pressure relative to the placebo. While we could also attribute this to CBD’s anxiety reducing effects (at times difficult to separate), either way, we’re moving in the right general direction. 

  • Alleviating cancer symptoms

Cancer Research UK suggests that until more research is done, CBD oil is better classified as a food supplement rather than a medicine. That’s not stopping the flurry of studies from believers who say otherwise (hooray!), some of which are seeing signs that CBD might even have a role in preventing cancer cell growth. 

One study showed that CBD may have a role to play in changing the way cells reproduce, which could be useful in stopping the spread of tumours in certain types of the disease. Naturally, it could also help to alleviate symptoms related to the side effects of chemotherapy and other treatments.

  • Can be used as Anti-Acne Treatment

If you’re still thinking about the PE teacher we mentioned earlier, perhaps the trip down memory lane includes recalling a bout of teenage acne. Don’t feel bad! It’s said that 95% of people in the UK (that’s like, pretty much everyone) aged between 11 and 50 have been affected by acne in some way during their lifetime. 

Studies are suggesting that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may help with the treatment of acne, especially as it could reduce sebum production. This sounds promising, and more studies are set to test this from 2021 onwards. 

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Now that you’re well acquainted with CBD and its possible mental and physical health benefits, you’re just about set to give it a bash yourself. Explore any of our Pure CBD oil drops, which can be used in a variety of different recipes (we’ve even heard of non-alcoholic CBD wine, if you’ll believe it). 

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CBD oils may be our staple, but if you’re after something different, we’d recommend CBD milk. It’s a great substitute for dairy milk (or other plant-based milks), and can be added to your morning coffee, cereal or smoothie without even disrupting your existing routine. 

The potential benefits of CBD paint a promising picture for the future, and (now thinking about its intergalactic capabilities again) perhaps we’ll be shipping it off to Mars and other planets sooner rather than later. What if CBD is already part of the syllabus for what aliens from other galaxies call “human studies”? 

Anybody have Elon Musk’s number for us so we can check?

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