Back in 1998, we came across the clean and nutty taste of hemp seeds and immediately set out on a journey to make hemp a kitchen favourite across the world. But where did we start? With hemp oil, of course. Hemp oil is made by cold-pressing omega-rich hemp seeds into a rich culinary staple. You can also make hemp milk and hemp protein from this process.

Today we’re as taken as ever with the rich and ‘nutty’ taste of our hemp oil, and love the fact that you can use hemp oil however you please. Hemp oil is perfect for adding depth to run-of-the-mill salad dressings. 

Hemp oil is also great for stir-frying vegetables or adding something extra to your Sunday roast (we’ve seriously never tasted potatoes so crunchy). If that weren’t enough, then you should know that hemp oil is also seriously good for you.

Good Hemp oil is super-rich in omega-3 (containing 25x more of the good stuff than olive oil) and has absolutely no trans fats. Phew. And you can buy it from us here. Discover more about the miracle plant that is hemp here.

Just 1 tbsp of Good Hemp Oil contains 94% of your daily recommended intake of omega-3 (that’s 25 times more than olive oil).

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3700 KJ / 900 Kcal





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100% Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Good Hemp Oil
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Good Hemp oil is rich in omega-3 (and happens to be the most effective plant source of omega-3 because it’s easy to metabolise). It’s also high in omega-6 and omega-9 – including GLA, which is an anti-inflammatory – and has absolutely no trans fats.
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Are your products organic?
All of our foods are made from carefully selected organic hemp seeds. Our entire range isn’t organic yet, but we’re looking into it.
Can I use Good Hemp products if I have a nut allergy?
Yes, all of our foods are free from nuts (as well as other allergens like gluten, soya and dairy).
How on earth do you make a drink from hemp?
Good question. First, we take whole hemp seeds and remove their outer shell (or hull, to use the technical term) – this is dietary fibre and can be used to make high-quality horse feed. We’re now left with the white kernel – or heart of the seed – which is full of healthy omega oils and protein. We crush the seed kernels to make a cream and blend the mixture with water, then add calcium and vitamin D. Want more detail? We’ve written a step-by-step version of our process here.
What is hemp?
It’s a plant. In fact it’s one of the world’s oldest and most sustainable crops, which has been grown for thousands of years to make food, paper, clothing, beauty products, building materials, biofuel (the list could go on). Hemp grows in a field like any other crop, and the plants produce seriously nutritious seeds – made up of 35% oil, 25% protein and 29% dietary fibre – which we turn into delicious food.
What makes your products so great for vegans?
In a word, protein. Hemp is one of the only plants to be classed as a complete protein and contains all essential 20 amino acids (the same ones you’d find in a chicken breast).
Will I like the taste of hemp?
We hope so! It’s a really clean, light flavour – mix the taste of pine nuts with sunflower seeds and you’re pretty much there.

Any other questions? Send us an email us at customerservice@goodwebsite.co.uk


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