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Team Good Hemp do new year’s resolutions

Based on our guide to making better new year’s resolutions (which if you haven’t read already then what are you doing?!), we challenged the Good Hemp team to tell us what changes they’re going to be making in 2020. We’ll update you later in the year to see how they’re getting on. Place your bets, best odds are on Dani… (sorry Dani)…

Ben (Head of Marketing)

For 2020 I really want to volunteer. This year I did some running with a visually impaired guy at my local park-run, and want to make sure that I get that in on the regular. Dan (my running partner) was stoked and it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in years. In January I’m also going to be reaching out to some charities that are close to my heart and see where I can support.

Barney (Sales Executive)

My new year’s resolution has two parts, firstly I want to learn how to cook properly. Cooking has never been something I’ve given much time to, throughout university I’ve either been cooked for by my housemates or made meals that can effectively go straight from packaging to oven to mouth. I guess this has sort of become a running joke as over the years I’ve accumulated about a dozen cook books, all of which specialise in easy recipes for people learning to cook. I enjoy making things (I’m pretty legendary when it comes to lego), and the few times I have made a meals I’ve found it really rewarding and didn’t poison anyone which is a win. I’d also like to have something to do when I get home from work where I can switch off and focus on something tangible as I spend most of my day on a laptop or in meetings.

The second part of my resolution refers to what I’ll be cooking. Ever since joining Good Hemp I’ve been bullied for being the least veggie member of the team, which is completely fair. Chicken has always been my go to in pretty much any situation. However, from working at Good Hemp I’ve learned about the environment impact (or lack thereof) of reducing your meat consumption and have also been coerced into trying a whole load of new veggie dishes, which are just as good, if not better. So over the next few months I’m going to be as veggie as possible and will start making use of the cookbook my mum’s given me (all apart from ‘100 ways to cook chicken’). I’m hoping to reduce my impact on the environment, find some more ‘me’ time and learn a new skill.  After all, every day’s a school day.

Dani (Head of Sales)

On a recent trip to the west coast of America I went surfing for the first time and am now undeniably hooked. My new year’s resolution is to continue to surf now I’m back in the UK. It’s a little more difficult not living near the sea and with the obvious less inviting temperatures, but it’s a hobby I’m determined to continue with.

I get a unique sense of enjoyment from surfing, it’s unlike any other activity in my opinion. It’s also an opportunity to get out and enjoy nature. I like how surfing is so intrinsically linked to the environment – waves are essential part of both the ecosystem and, obviously, surfing. As a result of this, the surfing community is very aware of how this ecosystem is changing and the ongoing destruction our oceans. As surfing is a sport that leaves very little trace behind, it is simply a person with a surfboard. In my opinion, there isn’t a better, cleaner way to enjoy nature.

There’s also an element of self-improvement which I’m excites me. Surfing can be challenging – it’s important to have a great respect for the ocean. You have to build a knowledge and understanding of what the ocean is capable of and equally, an understanding of the limits of your own ability and carefully push yourself. It’s nature’s playground and it’s free!

Phoebe (Marketing Assistant)

A great sadness in my life has been growing up and realising that colouring in isn’t going to be a significant part of my life as I’d thought when I was 5. I was also distraught to discover that once you get to secondary school it’s no longer appropriate to draw a sun in the corner of every piece of paper you use. I believe it’s not just children who should play and be creative, and as adults I don’t think you are either a creative person or not, I believe it’s something we should all be encouraged to explore. A few years ago there was a massive resurgence in colouring, I’ve personally been given at least 7 adult colouring books within the past few years. There has been a whole host of psychological research on mindfulness and how colouring can a whole load of benefits such as improving mood and productivity.

My new year’s resolution is to be to revisit the pastimes of my 5 year old self and be more creative. Instead of watching Netflix in the evenings I’m going to start drawing, painting, and in the summer I’ll spend more time at the park and climb some trees. For my housemates’ sake I won’t revisit passion I had for the recorder. I think we can all get too wrapped up in adult life and the important things, I’m going to try and focus more on the unimportant aspects of life and seek pleasure from the simplicity and insignificance of the primary colours. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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