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At the foot of Stokes Croft, nestled between a vintage market and a music shop, you’ll find a double fronted shop with windows stacked with cases of hemp milk and plants. The scene is framed by window art by local artist Jemma Bursnel, and you see a note about free coffees. You think to yourself ‘this doesn’t look like your average cafe’. Follow the soft glow of fairy lights indoors and warm up while one of our baristas whirls you up a flat white, free with the keep cup you carry with you at all times (you are a Bristolian after all). Treating yourself to just a little longer in in the warmth, you turn to the stories being told on the walls where you read about the journey of our coffee beans, about our mission to replace bad with good, and learn a little more about CBD because who really knows what it is (spoiler: we do). You wish us farewell, only to rinse (the keep cup) and repeat every day until we pack up on December 22nd – you’ve got to milk it after all.

Spill is different… in a good way

You’d be right when thinking Spill isn’t your average café. We do a few things differently, for instance, we only serve hemp milk coffees, although that’s not shocking considering we’re a hemp milk company. However, we are one of the very few cafes offering CBD coffees, and we’re for sure the only one serving them with our CBD hemp milk. As above, it’s true, we have also decided to give away all coffees in a keep cup for free, and charge a not-very-much amount of money for the rest – coffees are only £2 or £3 for a CBD coffee if you forget your reusable vessel. All in all, it’s an awful business model, so probably a good thing that we’re only running it for 4 weeks.

We’re also going to be running a couple of events while we’re here, but stay tuned for more info on this (by stay tuned we mean follow us on Instagram/Twitter as that’s where we’ll be announcing everything).

So why Bristol?

We think Bristol is pretty cool, from being named the most eco city in Europe in 2015 to blocking any diesel cars from entering the city – seems like the right sort of place for the most sustainable plant-milk to come to hang out. We also have a little love affair with the south west, as we make our hemp milk on our farm near Barnstaple it felt right to be somewhere close to home. Learnings from week 1 include: Bristol is cold, everyone in Bristol is lovely, everyone in Bristol has a keep cup.

Another thing we know is that Bristol seriously know its  coffee, so didn’t want to mess around when introducing you to our Barista Seed Milk. We wanted to show you how bloody good our milk is so we’ve teamed up with the best of the best baristas and coffee we could find which happens to be roasted just around the corner at Triple Co. Not only do they make the best coffee, it’s also sustainably sourced and they trade directly with the bean farmers. Head over to their insta to see a super cute picture of owner Jo with bean grower Amelio on a trip to one of the farms in Columbia.

Opening times:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Saturday: 8am – 4pm

Sunday: 1:30pm – 4pm


Liberty House, 11-13 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY, UK


Spill is running from 27th November up until 22nd December.

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