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Our 4 Favourite Ethical Online Grocery Shopping Services

Buying groceries online is now the new norm around the world, but supporting ethical shopping and delivery services is something that was slightly overlooked in the panic of the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. The good news is that it’s never too late to track these guys down! 

The businesses that we’re about to rave about not only have sustainability front of mind when sourcing their produce, but they also think about how they can benefit the environment at all stages of the supply chain. If that doesn’t make them worthy of superhero status, nothing does. *Mic drop*

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Ethical Food Delivery in London

The UK has some incredible sustainable grocery delivery brands that care about the exact same things that we do. Some suppliers have had to pivot from operating in a physical store to online delivery to survive the fallout from the pandemic, but this hasn’t stopped them from continuing their mission to contribute to the sustainability of the planet. If anything, the pandemic has given the ‘Fantastic Four’ even more reasons to spread a message about the importance of change to build a future for everyone.

Good Hemp’s Favourite Ethical Online Grocery Shopping Services

If you’ve already happened upon our guide to the best sustainable food delivery in London, you will have noticed that we quite enjoy making a splash about the companies that are indirectly helping our mission to unfuck the planet.

This includes our list of our favourite ethical online grocery shopping services, which we’re proud to reveal to you now:

1. Mighty Small

Mighty Small made our list not only because we love a supermarket that champions small brands, but also because they aren’t too proud to tell their fans to shout about their love for them from the rooftops. SO HERE WE ARE DOING JUST THAT!

The company is the result of hundreds of independent small fruit brands coming together, and they love to back brave brands in the fight for sustainability. Their catalogue is massive as it is, and is also regularly updated with interesting new product choices to choose from. 

2. Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole has been talking about organic food for over three decades. Founder Keith Abel started the business after selling his first bag of organic potatoes (in the 80’s?!) and since that fateful day, the company has continued to deliver delicious, ethical, sustainable food to homes across the UK. 

If there is a seasonal organic fruit you’re after, and you’re specifically looking for something organic, Abel & Cole should be your first stop. They also share cake recipes on Instagram. Who says you can’t have an ethical sweet tooth?

3. TheVeganKind

Vegan diets are on the rise and according to a survey done two years ago, there are more than 600,000 followers of the diet in the UK. Shopping services like TheVeganKind know this all too well, selling vegan subscription boxes to first timers all the way through to lifers. 

Offering next day delivery over all 7 days of the week (how even?), their monthly specials have been known to turn people into regular customers. Ps: They offer a discount on your first purchase if you sign up to their mailing list. 

4. The Meatless Farm Co.

Rounding up our ‘Fantastic Four’ is Meatless Farm, which was founded in 2016 in response to concerns about environmental and animal welfare. Pioneers of texture and taste, these guys sell ethical products and they’re slightly obsessed with making sure it tastes better than you will find elsewhere. 

They particularly like exploring how plants can be used to create unique and interesting flavour combinations. Curiosity didn’t kill the …plant… after all.

Switching To Ethical Online Grocery Shopping

Armed with the knowledge of our favourite ethical online grocery shopping services (you’re welcome), all that’s left to do is to give one of them a go. 

While you’re at it, tell one of your friends what you’re doing. That way, regardless of whether you have a ‘Fantastic Four’ film experience (you won’t) or if you’ve found your new home for grocery shopping online, you will be showing your support for sustainable living either way.

The world needs every bit of help it can get. As the invisible woman put it (in what we can now refer to as a movie that wasn’t that bad after all), “this is our chance to make a difference”.

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