Hemp and Coconut Squares (aka A Healthy Treat for Kids)

Shikha Gill

We know it can be tricky feeding finding healthy snacks for children, especially when you’re trying to get things like plant-based protein or fibre into their diet (which is why we put together a whole blog post dedicated to hemp for kids). We wanted to share a recipe for hemp and coconut squares (which are 100% vegan friendly) from Shikha, whose Instagram account My Little Food Critic speaks to all the mums who feel like they’ve got a miniature Jay Rayner in the house.

She uses fun, inventive ways to get nutritious foods into her son Zora’s diet, like these no-bake hemp and coconut bars. They’re quick and easy to make, packed full of natural seeds including hemp, sunflower and flax and are naturally sweetened with dates. “They make a perfect snack for both little ones and adults, with minimal mess! Try cooking these with your children,” says Shikha. “My son began to help me cook when he was around 18 months and this really helped him to try new foods as he was a part of the cooking process.”

5-10 minutes
4 hours

Add all of the ingredients to a food processor and pulse until everything comes together.


Press into a lined pan and pop into the fridge for 4 hours to firm up. Once hardened, slice into squares and enjoy!


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