So what do you think? Good Hemp Chilled Milk Reviews

You know when you’ve worked hard to create a new look – like with a haircut or a statement jacket – and you’re happy with it but you’re anxious to show your friends? Well, that’s how we’ve been feeling about our brand-new chilled hemp drink. It’s made with organic hemp seeds and is bursting with omegas, calcium and vitamin D (and also comes in easy-to-recycle packaging) so we were confident we were on to something good. But naturally we were keen to hear what our hemp community thinks…

We’re over the moon that it’s going down a treat. From nutritionists and athletes to vegans and those with a lactose intolerance, everybody’s got their own reason to love it. If you’re curious but haven’t yet given it a whirl, then read on (or check out some of the love we’ve received on Instagram). We know the world of plant-based drinks can be a minefield, so why not get as many opinions as possible before diving in? Once you do, we’d love to hear what you think.


What made you pick up our chilled hemp milk at Waitrose? Have you used us before?

I was drawn to Good Hemp milk recently because of the price to be honest! It was pretty reasonably priced in comparison to other brands on the shelf in Waitrose, so I thought I would give something new a go. I’ve been a student for the past three years so my mind is still in the mindset of budgeting, and vegan drink substitutes can be quite expensive.

What do you like about our chilled hemp milk and how do you use it?

I love it in tea and on cereal! It doesn’t separate in tea and has a very subtle creamy flavour – much like dairy drink (without the cruelty, of course).

How did you become interested in plant-based products?

I turned vegan from vegetarian when I went to university in 2015. As I learned more and more about factory farming, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t funding the dairy industry. I started looking into plant-based milk and egg alternatives and have been really interested in vegan products ever since. My knowledge in the area has continually grown over the past few years and I really admire any brand specialising in plant-based and eco-friendly products!




Charlotte Clough

What made you pick up our chilled hemp milk at Waitrose? Have you used us before?

I always like to vary the plant-based drinks I’m using and try something new! I saw your product in Waitrose’s new chilled vegan section and thought I would try it as I’ve been wanting to try hemp milk for a while but I wasn’t really sure what it is – the clear packaging with the explanation of what hemp milk is really motivated me to choose it!

And what do you like about our chilled hemp milk?

I’ve tried a lot of plant based drinks and some of them don’t taste great but hemp drink seems to go well with everything from my porridge to cups of tea! Plus buying it from the chilled section meant I could go home and try some on cereal straight away! My favourite thing about chilled hemp drink though is the fact that it doesn’t split in coffee like so many other plant based drinks.

What’s the hardest part of being gluten-free and where do you get info and recipe information from?

The hardest part about being gluten free has to be finding nice places to eat out that are both gluten and dairy free whilst keeping the rest of my family happy. As for recipe information, my mum is a great cook and has adapted all our family favourites – even spaghetti carbonara! I like to keep my eye on instagram though for new products and I always love checking out the “free from” sections in the supermarkets to see if there are any new products in!



What do you like about our chilled hemp milk?

I think that there are a number of benefits in using hemp mylk. For starters it is a great alternative to cow’s drink and those who are lactose intolerant. Hemp mylk strengthens your immune system and helps with clear, healthy skin, hair and nails and it has been found to increase mental capacity. Of course one of the big factors of using hemp drink for me is the fact it is cruelty free.

What advice would you give to others who are thinking of going plant-based?

1. Just give it a go and don’t put a label on yourself i.e. vegan as I think this puts a lot of people off. Educate yourself, keep learning and watch all the documentaries on Netflix (like What The Health, The Cowspiracy etc).
2. Start small and don’t put pressure on yourself to transform over night. The plant-based life is a lifestyle, not a diet.
3. Find a support network – from my experience you will always find people who will judge you and try to knock you down, ignore them.
4. Last bit of advice would be to remember you are only human, you will make mistakes but don’t beat yourself up – many people have been used to a particular way of eating for many years and it can take time, patience and dedication to break habits, everyone slips up, just take a breath, say ‘oh well’ and then jump straight back on the plant based wagon with a smile on your face and a green juice in hand.



What made you pick up our chilled hemp milk at Waitrose?

I had always really enjoyed the hemp milk cartons after finding them on offer in Morrison’s and when I saw the chilled version advertised on social media I knew I had to get some.

And what do you like about hemp milk?

I find that hemp milk in a lot more refreshing than other drinks. Other plant based drinks are often too sweet and curdle when you put them into hot drinks which isn’t ideal. This drink can be used in so many ways, it’s the perfect plant based alternative.

When do you use hemp milk and what for?

I’ve used the milk in lots of different ways; in cakes, coffee, tea, pancake batter, just by itself or in cereal too …

Which other plant-based brands do you use?

I also buy Oatly oat drink, Koko coconut drink and Innocent do a very nice hazelnut drink.




Adam Calder Vegan Vibes

Aaron Calder

What made you pick up our chilled hemp milk at Waitrose?

I work for Waitrose so I’m always on the look out for new plant based products. Your drink stood out so I just had to buy it. I like that you do a sugar free one as I avoid sugar.

And what do you like about hemp milk?

The taste and that it’s got omega 3 in it.

When do you use hemp milk and what for?

I mostly use it on my cereal, pancakes and waffles. It’s great in baking as when I tell people a cake has omega 3 they’re more interested in giving up dairy.

The world of plant-based drinks can be confusing. What advice would you give people looking to start using dairy-free alternatives?

I hear people say vegan drinks taste bad all the time. When I ask which ones they’ve tried it’s normally just one. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant, try a dessert and say you didn’t like it and therefore won’t eat dessert again. It’s all about finding the one you like. They’re all different and some I love other people hate. The choices now are endless so there’s no excuse not to give up dairy.



Olivia Whalley

What made you pick up our chilled hemp milk at Waitrose?

I was shopping with my mum in Waitrose and knew I had seen your brand before (with the hemp oil and seeds.) I always love seeing new products, especially from young brands who seem to really care about what goes into the product so we both agreed to try it! My mum said she might even give it a go in her tea! Which was a small but mighty breakthrough!

Why do you use plant-based drink?

I moved over to a plant-based diet recently and have never felt better. Once I took a step back and realised what cows milk actually was and how it was processed, I kind of realised how strange it was that we humans consume it. After that, mixed in with a few documentaries, I couldn’t really go back to drinking what I always had. Plus the plant drinks out there taste amazing! Win – win.

What’s the most important thing to you when picking breakfast brands? And which other brands do you love?

There are so many start-up forward thinking brands who are releasing products that are in line with their brand ethos and are paving the way for a healthier planet and future. When looking for a breakfast brand, I look for companies who just live and breathe their own brand and ethos. So… brands I also have a lotta love for would be: Oatly, Manilife, Booja Booja, Ethcs, Rebel Milk, Jarr Kombucha, NAKD, Ombar, BonPom. 


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