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5 Easy Hemp Recipes

So many hemp foods but so little time, right? Wrong – we’ve rounded up a list of quick and easy  ways to add hemp to your daily routine, because we’re serious about our mission to make hemp a kitchen staple for all. Splash Good Hemp Drink on your cereal, make your own hemp seed pesto or sprinkle hemp seeds in a smoothie. Once you’ve worked your way through these top tips then amble over to our recipe page for even more inspiration.

1. Why not try swapping out dairy for Good Hemp Drink in the morning? Not only does it have a delicious, ‘nutty’ flavour but it’s also full of healthy omega-3. Pour it over your cereal or blend it into overnights oats.

2. Adding Hemp Seed Hearts to any of your favourite salads will instantly boost their health factor. Just one 20g serving contains more protein and omegas than the same serving of chia or flax seeds. How about an easy prawn salad first?

3. Craving something a little sweeter? Try baking with Good Hemp’s Pure Protein Powder. Our hemp protein brownies are packed full of good stuff and are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings in a healthy way.

4. Swap your olive oil for Good Hemp Oil and use it for dipping bread and roasting potatoes. You could even have a go at making your own hemp pesto, delicious drizzled over roasted root vegetables.

5. Boost your smoothies with Good Hemp Drink and a handful of Good Hemp Seed Hearts. This delicious peanut butter concoction is your answer to a wholesome breakfast on the go.


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