Chickpea Crepes and Smashed Avocado for Kids

Shikha Gill

We met Shikha on instagram, after seeing post after post of our hemp products used in nutritional, kid-friendly recipes on her feed. She’s a full-time property developer and full-time mum who wants her son Zora “to enjoy food and establish good eating habits.”

Get your kids eating a healthy breakfast early on. Sounds easy enough right? Not enough if they’ve ever tried cocoa puffs… So we went to one of our favourite mum and son duos to give us some early-morning inspiration. @MyLittleFoodCritic is Shikha Gill’s collection of kid-friendly recipes that she makes with her son Zora. Firm members of the tiny hemp club, we’ve been big fans of theirs ever since we heard Zora called our hemp seeds “magic sprinkles”. We interviewed Shikha about cooking with hemp for our “Kids Who Love Hemp” and she made these easy-to-make coconut squares for a healthy snack. But this month, they’re showing us how to make healthy spiced chickpea crepes with smashed avocado. Don’t forget the magic sprinkle on top!

5 minutes
5 minutes

Mix both flours and the spices together. Slowly pour in the hemp milk and whisk. Make sure the batter is runny, add a dash more milk if you need.


Heat a medium sized frying pan with some oil.


Pour a couple of tablespoons of the batter into the frying pan to make a small crepe and spread the batter thinly. Once you see bubbles form, flip the crepe and cook the other side.


Grease the pan and repeat with the remaining batter. 


Serve with smashed avocado, Himalayan salt, pepper and a sprinkle of hemp seeds.


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