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CBD Barista Seed Milk Launches Today

We’re so excited to finally introduce everyone to the newest member of the Good Hemp family, CBD Barista Seed Milk. After first trialling the product at London Coffee Festival over 6 months ago, we’ve finally perfected the recipe to make the frothiest of coffees with the perfect amount of CBD for a flat white.

Unlike other CBD products, we’ve put the amount of Pure CBD in our milk front and centre so you know what you’re getting. 60mg of CBD per carton means around 7.5mg of CBD per flat white, the standard dose you’re recommended to take 3 times a day.

As of today, you can get our CBD Barista Seed Milk in Planet Organics all over London so get your bums down there and pick some up! For only £4.00 the CBD Barista Seed Milk is an absolute steal, we’ve decided to not over charge you guys, again unlike other CBD products…

Let us know what you think! #CBDBarista

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