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Being a Plant Based Pro Boxer: Meet Good Hemp Ambassador Ace Adam

We’re extremely proud to have Ace on board as one of our ambassadors. He’s been boxing for almost 10 years now, however it was only a couple of years ago that Ace made the transition over to a plant based diet. Having always taken an interest into learning about how best he can look after and fuel his body, it was watching the documentary ‘Game Changers’ that convinced Ace that he’d be able to fully cut out animal products.

Now Ace wants to share his journey with others and help to educate others about the benefits of eating plants and prove that you don’t need to eat meat to be strong, successful and taken seriously.

What got you into boxing?

“Boxing has always been instilled in me. My grandfather, Lloyd Barnett, was a professional heavyweight boxer. As for me, I had a little incident when I was younger, these boys tried to take my phone and I broke my hand. My uncle introduced me to boxing as a way to learn self-defence and that’s where everything started. Before boxing, I was doing athletics. I was doing the 100-metre sprint and was really into in that.”


Other than it being your literal job, what makes boxing important to you?

“I want to be known as a person who never gave up. A person who was inspiring. Showing people that you can do whatever you put your mind to. It doesn’t matter if you get set back. I want to be a legend in the sport. A people person; remembered for my character as well as what I do in the ring.”

What’s it like being a plant based athlete? Do you get much stick from the other athletes in your gym?

“I feel very proud of myself becoming plant based athlete and I get the reverse affect I don’t get any stick more so respect and people asking questions about why turned planet based.”


What’s your go to high protein meal?

“Chickpea curry!”


What advice would you give to other athletes considering trying out a plant based diet?

“The best experience is your own and see what works for you and learn what you’re getting into and ask questions.”


To learn more about his journey, follow Ace on Instagram @officialaceadam.  

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