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Grown for thousands of years, hemp is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. Hemp produces seeds packed with natural nutrition that also make delicious food. We want all the world to know about hemp.

Hemp + Health

For brain, skin and heart health, plus an immune system boost


For cell repair and healthy bones, muscles and blood


To promote healthy digestion and help stave off heart disease and diabetes


There’s vitamin E for skin and nails, potassium for organ function and iron for healthy blood

Hemp + Environment
Captures CO2
Hemp is virtually carbon neutral and breathes in four times more CO2 than trees, helping to combat the negative effects of global warming
No waste
Nothing goes to waste with hemp. Hemp seeds are used for food, the stalk for natural fibre and the flowers and leaves to extract CBD oil
No Pesticides
Hemp doesn’t require any pesticides or herbicides to grow, which means fewer toxins and pollutants in our air and water
Enriches the Earth
The roots of the hemp plant are deep and strong, replenishing the soil with more nutrients than they take out
Natural Habitat
Hemp provides an excellent habitat for wildlife and the flowers are good pollen source for bees
How on earth do we make hemp drink?

“I have been using Good Hemp for about 6 years after I was advised to stop drinking dairy by my dermatologist. I started with the drink and I was hooked – I have now used everything in the good hemp range. I use the drink every day in cereal, coffee and baking. (I’m also guilty of drinking it ice cold straight from the carton.) I use the seeds in my porridge, smoothies, over avocado on toast or on fruit and the oil is great in dressings. When my skin has been feeling extra sensitive I also massage the oil in to my face and neck. Good Hemp is definitely one of my hero brands. Love you Good Hemp x” 


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. I love scattering good hemp seeds on my breakfast bowls, and adding good hemp drink to my porridge and smoothies. As an early morning runner it really helps me to refuel and its nutritional richness gets me off to the best start of the day. It tastes great and I particularly like that it is high in omega 3 and protein. Knowing that all of the hemp plant can be used, making it an environmental friendly choice, is also another reason why I like to go for it!”


I started drinking Hemp Drink reluctantly because dairy gave me Eczema. Now I much prefer the taste, I couldn’t go back to drink.  The fact that hemp is so good for the environment compared to the other dairy alternatives is an added bonus.


“My husband bought me Hemp Oil when I was pregnant and I have been including it in my diet everyday for more than a year. I put 1 spoon of Hemp Oil into my porridge every morning. I really like it’s nutty taste. Not only is it packed full of Omega 3 which is great for my baby through breastfeeding, but it also boosts my immunity, improves my complexion and makes my hair shiny and strong.”


“I always use the raw hemp seeds. They are really versatile and great to add into just about anything! Being vegan I am always conscious of getting Omegas and zinc into my diet and hemp is perfect for that. I love the sweet, nutty flavour the raw seeds have, they work really nicely in Asian flavoured dishes. Favourite use….sprinkle on top of sticky stir-fry veg with rice noodles or on top of brownie mixture before it goes in the oven (usually with along with nuts and seeds) Yum!


“When I first discovered Good Hemp hemp heart seeds I was pretty stoked! To find something which tastes good and is healthy always makes me pretty excited; I’m a proper foodie and they’re pretty versatile!I now use them in a lot of my recipes, so eat at least a small portion of them most days. They make salads more wholesome and interesting and work well with breakfast, sprinkled over things like banana pancakes for added protein/nutrition! They are definitely my favourite product that we sell at Currant Affairs, in terms of everyday use.”

What is hemp?
It’s a plant. In fact it’s one of the world’s oldest and most sustainable crops, which has been grown for thousands of years to make food, paper, clothing, beauty products, building materials, biofuel (the list could go on). Hemp grows in a field like any other crop, and the plants produce seriously nutritious seeds – made up of 35% oil, 25% protein and 29% dietary fibre – which we turn into delicious food.
Is hemp the same as marijuana?
No, but we understand why people get confused. Both marijuana and hemp are varieties of the cannabis plant (hemp is Cannabis Sativa, while marijuana is Cannabis Indica). This means they look pretty similar, but they’re actually different in a number of ways. Most importantly, while marijuana contains up to 30% of a psychoactive substance called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hemp contains virtually none (typically below 0.3%). This means that marijuana will get you high, and hemp won’t. The cultivation of hemp is regulated both in the UK (by the Home Office) and in the EU by authorities that ensure plant breeding remains vigilant.
Where does your hemp come from?
Our hemp seeds are sourced from carefully selected growers around the world, with the majority of them coming from Canada, China and the EU. When we first started Good Hemp back in 1998, we endeavoured to grow all of the hemp we’d need from our farm in Devon. Unfortunately, however, we found that the UK’s climate is not well-suited to large-scale hemp production. We’re committed to making hemp a global kitchen staple, which means we’ve had to look further afield to meet demand. We’re constantly reassessing our suppliers and looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint.
Why don't more people know about hemp?
We’ve found that there’s a general lack of awareness around hemp as a food ingredient (people often picture the leaf rather than the seed, which means they’re not sure what our foods will taste like). Combine that with the fact that many confuse hemp with marijuana (ahem… Facebook) and we’ve got ourselves a few obstacles to overcome. We want to become a hub for all things hemp, but we need people like you to spread the word – about the taste, health benefits and positive environmental impact of this miraculous plant.
What happens to the rest of the hemp plant?
The beauty of hemp is that nothing goes to waste. We, of course, use the seeds to make food. Then the fibres and stalks are used in a variety of ways including to make hemp clothing, building materials, paper, biofuel and plastic composites. The flowers and leaves are often used to make CBD oil, a form of alternative medicine for treating the symptoms of conditions including depression and anxiety.
Will I like the taste of hemp?
We hope so! It’s a really clean, light flavour – mix the taste of pine nuts with sunflower seeds and you’re pretty much there.

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