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Most people don’t know a whole lot about hemp, but luckily we do. The Good Hemp team have spent 20 years exploring the wonderful world of the plant and we’d love to tackle your questions. We don’t have all the answers yet, but we’re getting there.

Where would you like to see yourselves in three years?
In an ideal world, we’d like everyone on the planet to know just what hemp is. We want to have enough great foods for all the different members of our community – from vegans to bodybuilders – to have hemp in their kitchen cupboard.
What does Good Hemp want to make next?
Ah! Now that would be telling… but if you have an idea for more foods made from hemp, then we’d love to hear from you.
Are you anti-dairy?
We are very proud that we produce plant-based foods that have a positive impact on the environment, and hope that we can encourage others to help protect the planet and deliver great nutrition.
Why are you using Tetra Pak® and plastic?
They’re the most friendly options available to us at the moment. Let us explain… Tetra Pak® cartons are a lightweight and low-resource form of packaging, which are principally made from a renewable resource (wood). We’re glad to see Tetra Pak® have launched carton recycling in the UK (so look out for a local collection near you). As for plastic, the bottles we use are the most recycled form of plastic bottle in Europe. In addition, local authorities are increasing their plastic recycling capabilities and packaging manufacturers are working incredibly hard to make new solutions available to food and drink companies like ours.
Can I use Good Hemp products if I have a nut allergy?
Yes, all of our foods are free from nuts (as well as other allergens like gluten, soya and dairy).
What makes your products so great for vegans?
In a word, protein. Hemp is one of the only plants to be classed as a complete protein and contains all essential 20 amino acids (the same ones you’d find in a chicken breast).
What’s all the fuss about omega oils?
They’re really, really good for you. Omega-3 fatty acids aid good brain and heart health, as well as boosting circulation and fighting inflammation. (Oh, and hemp is the best plant-based source of omega-3 there is because it’s the easiest to metabolise). Omega-6 can help reduce cholesterol, while omega-9 has benefits for metabolic health.
Why does your hemp drink have emulsifiers?
All our emulsifiers are 100% natural and we use them to ensure that you can enjoy Good Hemp without the risk of it ‘splitting’ in your tea and coffee. Emulsifiers also help us to mix important minerals and vitamins in the liquid, like calcium and vitamin D. We are, however, always working hard to find ways to reduce the number of ingredients we use.
How on earth do you make a drink from hemp?
Good question. First, we take whole hemp seeds and remove their outer shell (or hull, to use the technical term) – this is dietary fibre and can be used to make high-quality horse feed. We’re now left with the white kernel – or heart of the seed – which is full of healthy omega oils and protein. We crush the seed kernels to make a cream and blend the mixture with water, then add calcium and vitamin D. Want more detail? We’ve written a step-by-step version of our process here.
Are your products organic?
All of our foods are made from carefully selected organic hemp seeds. Our entire range isn’t organic yet, but we’re looking into it.
Why don't more people know about hemp?
We’ve found that there’s a general lack of awareness around hemp as a food ingredient (people often picture the leaf rather than the seed, which means they’re not sure what our foods will taste like). Combine that with the fact that many confuse hemp with marijuana (ahem… Facebook) and we’ve got ourselves a few obstacles to overcome. We want to become a hub for all things hemp, but we need people like you to spread the word – about the taste, health benefits and positive environmental impact of this miraculous plant.
Will I like the taste of hemp?
We hope so! It’s a really clean, light flavour – mix the taste of pine nuts with sunflower seeds and you’re pretty much there.
What happens to the rest of the hemp plant?
The beauty of hemp is that nothing goes to waste. We, of course, use the seeds to make food. Then the fibres and stalks are used in a variety of ways including to make hemp clothing, building materials, paper, biofuel and plastic composites. The flowers and leaves are often used to make CBD oil, a form of alternative medicine for treating the symptoms of conditions including depression and anxiety.
What is hemp?
It’s a plant. In fact it’s one of the world’s oldest and most sustainable crops, which has been grown for thousands of years to make food, paper, clothing, beauty products, building materials, biofuel (the list could go on). Hemp grows in a field like any other crop, and the plants produce seriously nutritious seeds – made up of 35% oil, 25% protein and 29% dietary fibre – which we turn into delicious food.
Is Good Hemp an independent company?
Yes – we are proud of the fact we remain independent.
Who owns Good Hemp?
Good Hemp is a privately owned company with a small number of shareholders, including the founders Henry Braham and Glynis Murray.
What happens on your farm in Devon?
Devon’s pretty special to us, as that’s where our founders first stumbled across the taste of hemp seeds, and set out on a path to make hemp a kitchen staple across the world. Today, we have a mill and food production site on our original farm – that’s where we take the hemp seeds and turn them into food and drink we hope you enjoy.
Will I like the taste of hemp?
We hope so! It’s a really clean, light flavour – mix the taste of pine nuts with sunflower seeds and you’re pretty much there.
Is hemp the same as marijuana?
No, but we understand why people get confused. Both marijuana and hemp are varieties of the cannabis plant (hemp is Cannabis Sativa, while marijuana is Cannabis Indica). This means they look pretty similar, but they’re actually different in a number of ways. Most importantly, while marijuana contains up to 30% of a psychoactive substance called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hemp contains virtually none (typically below 0.3%). This means that marijuana will get you high, and hemp won’t. The cultivation of hemp is regulated both in the UK (by the Home Office) and in the EU by authorities that ensure plant breeding remains vigilant.
Where does your hemp come from?
Our hemp seeds are sourced from carefully selected growers around the world, with the majority of them coming from Canada, China and the EU. When we first started Good Hemp back in 1998, we endeavoured to grow all of the hemp we’d need from our farm in Devon. Unfortunately, however, we found that the UK’s climate is not well-suited to large-scale hemp production. We’re committed to making hemp a global kitchen staple, which means we’ve had to look further afield to meet demand. We’re constantly reassessing our suppliers and looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

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