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I pledge to...

Welcome to #PledgeForGood, where we’re going to be making pledges to change, and challenging you to do the same.


Here at Good Hemp we believe that nothing changes if nobody changes, and as part of Pledge For Good we’re going to be encourage you to make that change in your life that you’ve always to. Not rearranging your sock draw or alphabetising your bookshelf. We’re talking about that thing that you believe will really add value and joy to your life. Maybe it’s getting up an hour earlier to read in bed. Maybe it’s cutting out meat from your diet. Maybe it’s journaling.


And of course we’re not asking you to do all of the work, we’re making our own pledges too! Although there really is nothing else as environmentally nurturing and nutritionally nourishing as hemp, as a business, we aren’t without our challenges. This year we’ve been investigating how sustainable each part of our business is and which parts can be improved. Scroll down to have a look at the pledges from our friends and community, and find out a bit more on ours.

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