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Two of your faves, paired up together. Our Hemp Seed Hearts are an absolute belter, packed with loads of the good stuff to fill you up with Omega-3, Protein and Fibre. They go on just about anything from sweet smoothie bowls to savoury pastas, and having a pouch on hand will help you make every dish better for your body and your mouth.

Our Seed Milk is another of the main events, and you can stock up on 6 at a time by buying direct from us. A source of omega-3, this dairy free all rounder is banging in a cup of tea, super tasty in your morning smoothie and the perfect partner for all your porridge needs. No sugar, low carb and lots of good fats, it’s an ideal alternative for those following a Keto diet as well.

Why we think our milk is cool:

  • Light and refreshing
  • Still a source of omega 3 aka healthy
  • Full of Pure CBD so will make you a better person

Why we think our Hemp Hearts are cool:

  • Natural source of vegan omega 3, protein and fibre
  • Can be used on pretty much everything
  • Taste really good