Hemp Seed Flour


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Healthy baking has never been easier.

Cake doesn’t have to taste crap to be good for you. Our hemp seed flour is made from hemp seed outer shells  being milled down super finely to make flour. Cool right? Basically it’s completely natural and un-messed around with meaning you’re getting a whole load of goodness all in one pouch. Not only is our Hemp Seed Flour, super high in fibre (74g per 100g!) it’s also a natural source of iron, which comes in handy if you’re cutting down on meat.

The best thing about hemp seed flour is that it works perfectly in baking, so you don’t have to compromise between the fluffiest muffins and a healthy breakfast that’s going to keep you going throughout the day. Head over to our cookbook (up top) for some inspiration of what to make first!

Reasons we think it’s cool:

  • Gluten, wheat & nut free
  • Super high in fibre
  • Natural source of iron
  • 400g per pouch

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