Good Hemp Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD Drops

Our full spectrum 1000MG CBD drops contain cannabidiols extracted from high-quality hemp plants (made from the leaf and flower) and combined with hemp seed oil. Use throughout the day to top up CBD levels and restore the body’s natural balance.

Our 1000mg are suitable for the more seasoned CBD connoisseur, for someone just starting out with CBD we’d recommend our 500mg CBD Oil Drops which contain half the amount of CBD per drop.

To use, shake the bottle well, put a few drops under your tongue and swallow after a minute. We recommend doing this 3 times a day – but like with the 500mg drops we always suggest figuring out what best works for you.

  • - Approximately 5mg of CBD per drop
  • - Contains full-spectrum, non-psychoactive cannabinoids
  • - Has a wide range of benefits, read about them here

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