Cocoa, Hazelnut + Hemp Heart Snack Bar


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A super tasty, high fibre snack bar that brings nutrition and deliciousness to your tum for a Good Gut Feeling. Each bar is packed with over a quarter of your recommended daily fibre, 5g of protein and is high in Omega-3. 

Combining the wondrous power of Hemp Seed Hearts with tasty hazelnuts and cocoa, these baked bars are the perfect partner for life on the go, or an additional nutrition hit between meals. 

Low in sugar, these plant-powered pocket rockets are free from gluten, soy and have no artificial sweeteners. Despite being only 130 calories per bar, the high fibre means they’ll keep you fuller for longer. In short, they’re an ace vegan snack and you should try them before we eat them all.

Reasons we think they’re cool 

  • High in fibre, over a quarter of your daily recommended intake  
  • Rich in omega-3 
  • Source of Protein 
  • Low in sugar  
  • Just 130 calories per bar  
  • Taste like magic
  • Hulled Hemp Hearts (30%), Chicory Root Fibre, Roasted Hazelnuts (14%), Hazelnut butter (8%), Puffed Brown Rice, Rice Crispies, Cocoa Powder (3%), Sea Salt

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