Barista Seed Milk



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It’s pretty much the same as our original Seed Milk, however this is the one we’ve designed to froth up so you (and your barista) can make killer flat whites and lattes. It’s also sweetened to cut through the bitterness of coffee, and odds are that you’ll like it in your tea too.

Because it’s made of hemp seeds, it’s a natural source of omega 3 which will help your body in lots and lots of different ways. So you’ll be getting healthier with each sip of coffee, who would’ve thought!

Reasons we think it’s cool:

  • You can easily froth it up for lattes and flat whites
  • A vital vegan source of Omega 3 + 6
  • Sweet and thick

Hemp Milk Vs Other Dairy-Free Milks


There’s no doubt about it – the popularity of dairy-free milk is on the rise. Many consumers are making the switch as they become increasingly aware of the negative impact that dairy milk has on the environment and their health. For example, did you know that, when compared to cow’s milk, dairy-free milk takes up nine times less land to produce and emits one third of the amount of greenhouse gas? But even once you’ve entered the dairy-free world there’s still a bunch of information to sift through – and with new sources of milk entering the market seemingly every day, it can be hard to know which is best.

Dalgona Coffee


The secret to making these beauties was uncovered for us by @myveganminimalist aka Ty, but we’re sure this isn’t the first time you’re seeing them. The only ingredients you’ll need are instant coffee, sugar, and hemp milk– ok any milk will work but it’s 10x better if you use hemp. Who would’ve thought that a drink so sophisticated looking can be made with items you already have in your cupboard? Not us!