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World Food Day 2020: How to Make a Change One Meal at a Time

If like us, Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World” has been stuck in your head (or maybe we’ve just reminded you about what an epic anthem it is, and you’ll be humming it all day now), you might also be feeling a little out of sorts about the state of the world. 

From the pandemic, to politics, to climate change, now is as good a time as ever to start to think about how we can change the world from the ground up, starting with our individual choices. 

With World Food Day happening on 16 October, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about something as simple as the food choices we make in a given day. Changing the world (for you… and for me… and the entire human race…) begins with small decisions. Today, we’ll touch on a few ways to build sustainable eating habits from the various options out there.

World Food Day 2020

If this is the first time you’re hearing about World Food Day, here’s the low-down. The day is celebrated globally on the 16th of October each year to increase awareness about how the changing planet affects food production and distribution. On top of this, World Food Day is dedicated to educating people about changing simple daily habits in order to make a long lasting difference.

How to Eat More Sustainably

Eating more sustainably can be fairly straightforward. It’s one of those sustainable living habits that you can slot neatly into your routine and that won’t even take any effort after a couple of weeks. Below are some ideas to show how this is possible.

Grow your own herbs and vegetables

The responsibility of growing your own produce might bring back memories of taking care of your elementary school goldfish. Let’s not linger on what happened to goldie (RIP), focusing instead on the time spent caring and nurturing for something. This is pretty much what the process of growing your own produce is about, although this activity has much to do with self care too.

Growing your own fresh fruit and veg is all about starting small and it’s a process of trial and error. Keep it simple at the beginning, and work your way up to your “dream crop” as you go. A lot of things can grow in a pot, so perhaps start by picking one fruit, vegetable or herb that you eat regularly. Research some tips about its ideal growing conditions, and in no time at all (and with some well earned learnings) you’ll be spotting the signs of trouble and yielding better crops as you go along.

Try local food and veg delivery

If growing your own produce simply isn’t your thing (it isn’t for everyone), you can also cultivate sustainable eating habits by being a little bit more selective about your next grocery delivery. 

While the supermarket around the corner might not always prioritise organic options in their catalogue of items available for delivery, small business alternatives like Mighty Small, Abel & Cole and TheVeganKind Supermarket are paving the way in this regard. 

Buying from these guys means gaining access to fresh organic produce from specialists who are doing their best to ensure that each step of the supply chain (from planting through to distribution) is done in an eco-friendly manner. 

Find the best sustainable food delivery services in London in our recent guide!

Find the best recipe boxes for sustainable eating

We all go through phases when we want to create a dish from scratch, but in the hustle and bustle of the digital age this is easier said than done. Sometimes, a few months can go by before you realise that it’s been ages since you’ve made yourself a veggie stir fry (perfect for organic eating btw) from scratch. 

Recipe boxes are a great solution to this, and are perfect for those times when life gets overwhelming. These step by step boxes give you exact portions, ingredients and instructions for an easy-to-make dinner that is good for the environment and healthy and delicious to boot. Try Mindful Chef or The Cookaway if you’re keen to ditch the microwave pizza for good.

A Move Towards Sustainable Eating

When it comes to living more sustainably, initiatives like World Food Day remind us that we all have a part to play to bring about change in the world, and this change can be as easy as rethinking something as simple as your next meal. 

If you’ve been inspired by the ideas we shared today, you’ll probably also enjoy our sustainable food delivery guide, which offers additional ideas and some added motivation.

Other than that, think of us everytime that “Heal The World” pops into your head, will you?

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