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World Earth Day 🌎

This Friday is World Earth Day and Good Hemp have been looking to see what our business can do to help the planet one step at a time🌎

Right now, food and drink accounts for over a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. That’s disgusting. Industry change is necessary, and we believe that accessibility to truly sustainable nutrition is a fundamental part of the road ahead.

Hemp is packed with great protein, wonderful omegas and fantastic fibres. It’s unbelievable for human health. When you combine that with the way the plant operates within nature; replenishing and rejuvenating soil, carbon sequestration and creating biodiverse habitats, it’s easy to see why we believe in its power for good.

It is truly humbling to be working with one of the earth’s most miraculous little plants, though, that also brings added responsibility. We see it as our duty to harness these benefits of hemp all the way through the chain, from soil to table, bringing maximum environmental and human benefit with as little impact as possible.

Our mission has always been to get hemp into the hands of as many of you as possible. We like to say “Sow and grow more hemp for the planet, eat and drink more hemp for you”, because there really is nothing else as environmentally nurturing and nutritionally nourishing as hemp. It’s the no compromise crop. However as a business, we aren’t without challenges.

And that’s where the Impact Report comes in. It’s an opportunity for us to look inwards, beyond the benefits of hemp and face the radical truth of our impact as a business. Massive thanks to Climate Partner for their support in collating the data required for this report. Their work is helping instil positive change within the food and drink industry, and beyond, and we’re proud to have partnered with them for this first report and the road ahead as we look to become a carbon negative business. We’ve got a saying that nothing changes if nobody changes, and this report is our chance to make sure we’re making tracks in the right way for the health of people and planet.


As a company we also have to other pledges that we are sticking to – and here they are:

  1. Help the UK grow more hemp

    Whilst we do grow our own hemp, we get the vast majority of our hemp seeds from France and Canada. We would love to buy all of our seed from the UK, however hemp growing in the UK just isn’t commercially viable enough for us to do so. We’re therefore currently working on a super secret project to try and fix this, and get over the hurdles faced by UK farmers wanting to grow hemp.

  2. Become a Zero Waste factory

    As you might have heard, a third to a half of all food is thrown away globally, however contrary to what you might have been told, the bulk of the problem is not yours to fix. The vast majority of this wastage happens way before food gets into the hands of the customer. Quite often it’s cheaper to make more for less and throw away anything that doesn’t get used, however this particular pretty penny is saved at the expense of the planet. We want to expand our waste-prevention strategies until we completely eradicate any waste at our production site.

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