8 Vegan Hemp Recipes From Our Community

Vegans and hemp go together like anti-vegans and angry tweets. We love them for their revolutionary spirit – they shout the loudest, hold everyone accountable and innovate with new products and recipes all the time. In turn, vegans love us because all of our foods are made for them, as well as being made from one of the most sustainable plants on the planet.

How are they using hemp? Well we’re always seeing our Good Hemp Oil drizzled over salads and hemp seeds sprinkled on everything. Our hemp protein is 100% vegan friendly and contains all 20 amino acids that the body needs so we’re the perfect accompaniment to smoothies. Oh and they love our dairy-free hemp drink:  plant-based @Samkaralius said “best cup of tea I’ve had in years with this milk”.

Vegan already? Try these 6 vegan hemp recipes. Trying to go vegan? Read this article from our community on how to go vegan….and then try these 6 vegan hemp recipes.

Hemp Protein Pancakes by Romy London 

These hemp protein chocolate pancakes were whipped up by one of our favourite vegan bloggers Romy London. Guaranteed to make a splash at any brunch and very likely to convert at least one person round the table to the good life (that’s veganism btw).

Try the recipe here 

Tomato Quiche by The Little Blog of Vegan 

Ever taken a scroll through Little Blog of Vegan’s Instagram? It’s so pretty it’s enough to convince anyone to the vegan way of life. This quiche recipe uses tofu with sun-dried tomatoes instead of the normal eggy filling. Remember when we said revolutionary…

Try the recipe here 

Vegan Chickpea and Hemp Bread by Romy London 

This is another vegan hemp recipe from Romy London who discovered her love of cooking in 2014 when she went vegan. This uses chickpea flour with our Good Hemp Drink to make a savoury snack – perfect topped with avocado and hummus.

Try the recipe here 

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcakes by Ginger Vegan 

If you haven’t heard us banging on about Ginger Vegan, you obviously don’t follow us on Instagram (and should do so immediately). As a vegan hemp recipe, hese sticky-toffee pudding cupcakes use dates, cashew caramello and vegan cream cheese to make the perfect afternoon treat. Serve with a cup of tea (with hemp drink obviously).

Try the recipe here 

Salted Caramel Blondies by the Curvaceous Vegan

The blondie is the understated sister of the brownie. Traditionally it has a dense, fudge-like texture with a vanilla base and a butterscotch, caramel flavour but this version from the Curvaceous Vegan uses hemp drink and cashew butter for a delicious dairy-free alternative.

Try the recipe here 

Blueberry and Hemp Chia Pudding by Nourishing Amy 

We love a hemp chia pudding at Good Hemp as it means a double dose of omegas. This version by the one and only Nutritiously Amy uses our Good Hemp Drink to give the chia the rich and nutty taste of hemp. Topped with delicious caramelised banana to complete this wonderful vegan hemp recipe.

Try the recipe here 

Butternut and hemp soup by Nourishing Amy 

Miss that rich, creamy taste that comes with a nice winter bowl of soup? Nutritiously Amy is here to save the day with this dairy-free butternut squash and hemp concoction, and number 7 on our vegan hemp recipe list.. Cosy up and drink it down.

Try the recipe here 

Hemp and Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl 

Packed with peanut butter and hemp drink, it’s filling enough to last you from breakfast ‘til lunch and it tastes superb… yes a green smoothie that tastes good is an actual thing.

Try the recipe here 


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