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Triple Co x Good Hemp

When planning world domination, it’s important you choose the right people to be standing next to you. Dr Evil had Number 2, Thanos had his children and The Brain had Pinky. When planning Spill, we knew we wanted to work with a local coffee roaster but when we set about finding one, we couldn’t have imagined a better fit than Triple Co.

Triple Co was born from a love of coffee…

and founder Jo being nerdy about the chemistry behind the roasting process. Having worked in cafes since he was a young’un, it was whilst living in California that Jo started to roast his own coffee and realised he was quite good at it. Fast forward a few years and now based in Stokes Croft, Bristol, Triple Co supplies speciality coffee to cafes in the local area and Good Hemp employees who are all now addicted.

The mission is based on three key principles – to buy directly from the coffee bean growers, to only roast the best coffee, and to have real relationships with customers.

Jo makes annual trips to Colombia to visit the growers, he believes the importance of direct trade rests upon two pillars – transparency and price. “Coffee can change hands many, many times before it reaches your morning latte with each person taking a cut of the profit. Your latte still costs £3, whether it was bought through direct trade or a series of middle men, and you can guess who loses out with the latter.” This means that we can be confident that every coffee we serve at Spill has been grown by people who are earning a fair wage in good working conditions.

Direct trade also adds to the second part of the mission – taste. By visiting the farms it also means Triple Co can source the exact coffee they wants, and trust the quality as they’re building real relationships with the growers (head to the Triple Co insta to find a super cute picture of Jo and coffee grower Jose Rodriguez hanging out).

Having a good relationship with your customer is easy when you’re as charming as the folks at Triple Co, but they take it to the next level.

Triple Co deliver directly to cafes all around Bristol on the same day the coffee is roasted. They are also open access which means you can wander in to their roastery and watch them at it. Something we would highly recommend as it smells amazing in there.

But this all means nothing if you can’t get your hands (and lips) on it. You can grab a cup of Triple Co x Good Hemp coffee at our pop-up, Spill, for the next couple of weeks or if you’re too late/not anywhere near Bristol, you can order some from their website –

Go forth and caffeinate responsibly.


You can find Spill in Liberty House, 11-13 Stokes Croft, Bristol until 22nd December 2019.

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