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Super Green Salad 🥗

If you are an avid TikTok watcher, then you may have seen the ‘famous’ green goddess salad trending EVERYWHERE, so we decided to recreate it with our own hempy twist instead. This salad is packed full of healthy vitamins, healthy fats and a whole lot of hemp.

Some of you may wonder why we use Good Hemp Oil instead of olive oil in this recipe – well we will explain. Good Hemp oil is considered one of the world’s healthiest oils –  just ask Jamie Oliver, who drizzled us straight over ice cream. It’s cold-pressed from the hemp seed, (which happens to come from one of the most sustainable plants on the planet) and naturally rich in Omega 3 – just 1 tbsp of Good Hemp Oil contains 94% of your daily recommended intake of Omega 3 (that’s 25 times more than olive oil). It has one of the lowest amounts of saturated fats and the highest content of polyunsaturated fat (that’s the good stuff). Oh and it tastes good too, with a light and nutty flavour.


  • 80g quinoa
  • 100g edamame beans
  • 1/2 small cucumber (chopped)
  • 10g fresh mint
  • A handful of watercress
  • 10g pine nuts (toasted)
  • Dressing
  • 25g coriander
  • 10g Good Hemp Seed Hearts
  • 1/4 lime
  • 3 tbsp Good Hemp Seed Oil
  • A splash of water
  • 1 large mint leaf
  • 20g pine nuts (toasted)
  • Salt and pepper to taste



Add 250ml of boiled water to a pan. Add quinoa and boil for 12-15 minutes. Drain any remaining water and let cool.


Add all the dressing ingredients to a blender or food processor. Blend until a smooth paste is formed. Add salt and pepper to taste.


In a large serving bowl, add cooked quinoa, cooked edamame beans, cucumber, mint & watercress.


Pour the dressing on top. Toss to combine.


Decorate with extra toasted pine nuts & water cress.


To store–keep in an airtight container in the fridge and eat within 2 days. Optional–add a few drops of Good Hemp CBD oil to the dressing.

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