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Overnight Oats with Hemp Milk

It would be great if we could enjoy a leisurely, Sunday-style breakfast every day of the week, but that’s hardly realistic when you’ve got to feed the children, walk the dog and make time for exercise all before 9 AM. These overnight oats (prepared, well, overnight) are the ideal way to ease that morning rush, plus they’re high in protein and will set you up for the day ahead. The creamy, ‘nutty’ flavour of Good Hemp milk and seeds work really well with the oats, but you can vary the recipe by adding fruit, nuts or honey.

5 mins

Place all the ingredients, except the Good Hemp seed hearts into a plastic container with a lid or a jar. Stir in the ingredients thoroughly and store in the fridge overnight.


In the morning remove from the fridge and sprinkle with the Good Hemp Seed Hearts, then savour at home or enjoy on the go.


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