Our Dairy-Free Hemp Drink: The Lowdown

A bit of Good Hemp history: it’s been 20 years since we first started making food from the hemp plant, and our very first product was cold-pressed hemp oil. Since then, we’ve made good on our mission to transform hemp into a global kitchen staple by creating a family of foods that includes hemp protein, hemp flour and hemp seed hearts. Yet nothing seems to get the attention of our community quite like our dairy free hemp drink.


There’s good reason to love it. First off, there’s the fact that Good Hemp dairy free drink is made from organic hemp seeds, and is a stellar source of omega-3 which is great for brain, skin and heart health. Our eco credentials aren’t bad either: hemp happens to be one of the most sustainable plants on the planet and breathes in four times more CO2 than trees. And last but definitely not least, our hemp drink is crazy versatile. With a light and nutty flavour (a bit like a cross between a sunflower seed and a pine nut) our hemp drink is a tasty base for cereals and porridge, smoothies and shakes, cakes and bakes, tea and coffee (crucially, our hemp drink doesn’t split in hot drinks).

So that’s our dairy free hemp drink in a nutshell, but to be honest we could talk about it all day. If you enjoy the stuff as much as us then we’d love to hear from you on instagram @goodhempfood. If you’re new to the club, then read on and then give us a try.

What is our hemp drink?

Our dairy free hemp drink is a refreshing alternative to cow’s milk, made from organic hemp seeds which gives it a light and nutty flavour. For years we’ve created an ambient blend that comes in both original and unsweetened flavours. From the summer of 2018 however, Good Hemp drink is now also sold chilled. We’ve asked our community what they think of it and it seems to be going down a storm…

How do we make our hemp drink?

The first thing to note is that we use the seeds of hemp plants (rather than the leaves) to make all of our foods, including our dairy free hemp drink, here at Good Hemp. It’s an important distinction to make for someone who’s struggling to imagine how green leaves become a creamy-white breakfast drink (in short, they don’t).

What really happens is that hemp is planted in the spring without any pesticides or fertilisers and four months later, the seeds are harvested and their outer coating is removed. Once we’ve got our base of omega-rich, high-protein hemp seeds then we mash them into a paste. That paste is blended with water to make an omega-rich hemp drink and important vitamins and minerals – like calcium and vitamin D – are added to boost its nutritional value. And then it’s all yours!

Why is our hemp drink good for you?

Due to the fact we take hemp seeds as the base for all of our food products, Good Hemp is packed with omega-3 (just one glass provides 50% of nutritionist’s recommended daily allowance) which we all know is important for healthy heart and brain function. One of our very favourite facts is that hemp is the only milk alternative that’s a good source of omega-3 – not even dairy can claim that. Read more about our hemp drink compared to other plant based milks and learn more about the differences between them here. 

Need more convincing? Our dairy free hemp drink is low in saturated fats, free from cholesterol and is a source of protein. We’ve even enriched our dairy free hemp drink with calcium and vitamin D to promote healthy bones. Oh and it’s totally allergen-free which means it’s a great dairy free drink alternative for those who have problems with nuts and soya.

Why is hemp drink good for the planet?

Hemp’s sustainability creds are enviable. The plant grows in just four months from planting and does not need any pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. In fact it barely even requires water as it has the miraculous ability to irrigate itself naturally (this is a massive bonus for people who want to move away from crops like soya or almond which are very thirsty indeed). As hemp grows, residual leaf matter falls to the ground to regenerate the soil. All this happens while the plant is breathing in enough CO2 to make it basically carbon neutral. Phew.

Hemp’s environmental profile doesn’t stop there though. Once it’s harvested nothing goes to waste: the seed is used to produce healthy food products, the flowers and leaves to make beauty products and the stalk for natural fibre. We’re often asked about the eco profiles of our packaging (unfortunately  glass bottles isn’t a solution because of environmental impact of transport). We decided to bring out our new chilled hemp drink in plastic as people complained they didn’t know what hemp milk actually looks like. While we know plastic isn’t the solution, it’s the best material to prevent food waste (the third biggest contributor to climate change) and we use the most recycled form of plastic bottle in Europe. For ambient we use Tetra Pak® which is principally made from a renewable resource (wood) but is difficult to recycle (a lot of places don’t separate the plastic and carton used in Tetra). In short, we know this is an area to improve on and it’s a focus for us over the next year.

How do I use hemp drink?

This is our favourite question of them all, and the truth is that the possibilities are endless. If we had to start somewhere then that place would be the breakfast table (because isn’t that where all good days begin?) There you’ll find mums and dads making healthy dairy-free porridge for their kids (or how about a healthy chia pudding?) before splashing a drop in the morning coffee (we’d highly recommend this lightly spiced blend over ice). There are fitness fans who fuel up with Good Hemp dairy free drink in their smoothies (this peanut butter concoction is dream). Come tea time, foodies will cook it into their bakes good or blend it into an afternoon treat (Phoebe Liebling even made it into ice lollies!)

One of the best things about our dairy free hemp drink is that kids absolutely love the stuff. We asked a parent-panel about their favourite ways to make a kid friendly hemp diet and apparently little people love it in banana pancakes, smoothies and even just as an ice-cold drink. Whatever your taste, there’s a way to make our dairy free hemp drink work for you. Once you’ve given it a whirl share your recipes with us using the tag #GoodHemp.


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