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New year’s resolutions that will actually make your life better

It may be a cliché, but writing new year’s resolutions is just too irresistible. Why? Firstly, it allows any self-improvement required in December to be put off until January which makes you feel better. Secondly it gives you some dystopian fairy-tale fantasy of what your future is going to look like, which makes you feel better. Finally, everyone else is also punishing themselves with early morning gym sessions, which again makes you feel better.

However, like clockwork, come January week 3, temptation gets the better of you. Lie-ins last longer, the chocolate box gets emptier and you realise the promise you made back on December 31st isn’t making you feel so good anymore. We’re here to tell you – it doesn’t have to be like that.

When you’re thinking of the person you want to be next year, resist thinking of the person you want to look like or the person you want to be seen as. Despite what Instagram makes us think, these are not important. There’s a list of a million routes to happiness, and *spoiler* neither the length of your eyelashes nor the size of your bum are on there. So, we’d like to introduce a 3 step plan to finding your perfect new year’s resolutions…

1. Find what makes you happy.

You may already know this (making it a 2 step plan for you, congrats) or you may need to put some time into finding it. Try new things, don’t be afraid, it’s 2020. Whether you want to try dance classes, or pottery painting just give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose.

2. Make your new year’s resolution to do more of your happy-thing, but make it realistic.

Whether that’s making time every Monday to go for a jog, booking a class in a few weeks’ time, start off slow. You don’t have to be doing yoga twice a day to become good at it, make it work for your lifestyle.

3. Reflect

Every time you do your happy-thing, take some time to think about how it made you feel and be grateful that you were able to do this. Write it down in a journal, tell your housemate, or just take some time to think about it (try in the shower, instead of accepting an academy award or winning an argument).

It sounds simple (and maybe a bit cringe), but it will help you create resolutions that are actually right for you, that will improve your experience of life, and that you can stick to. With these 3 principles in mind, we’ve challenged the Good Hemp team to come up with resolutions that’ll impact their lives for the better…


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