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Moroccan Spiced Iced Coffee with Hemp Drink

There comes a time in the summer when your usual mid-morning coffee can leave you feeling a bit, well, hot. So why not swap your brew for a version that comes over ice? This recipe gives coffee an extra kick with a delicate mix of Moroccan spices (blended with Good Hemp’s omega-rich drink, of course). It’s a perfect pick-me-up.

5 mins

Stir together the spices and the ground coffee.


Pour the ground mix into the bottom of a French press.


Pour 275ml boiled water over the coffee mix and leave for 30 seconds.


Gently stir the mixture and then add the rest of the water. Brew for 3 minutes.


Allow the coffee to completely cool down before pouring into glasses.


Add 2-3 ice cubes to each glass and top them off with Good Hemp Drink for a chilled-out caffeine kick.


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