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Good Hemp’s Guide to the Best Post Workout Foods

Hey you. You over there. Let’s… get… physical! 

If hearing those three words channels your inner Olivia Newton-John or Dua Lipa, this is a telltale sign that you’re ready to get a little sweaty (besides being a dead giveaway of your age depending on who you recognise more).

It may feel like it’s been a while since you’ve had the urge to hit the ol’ gym, and perhaps the dreaded lockdown restrictions haven’t made that possible at all. Most of us have had to resort to kitchen squats and online classes to get us through the last few months. Some of us have only done a couple of leg lifts while getting up from the couch for a snack.

This is a judgement-free zone, of course, and however you decide to get the endorphins flowing for the remainder of the year, it’s important to think about the food you’re putting into your body right after.

The Best Post Workout Proteins

Protein powders can effectively give your body the protein it needs after a workout and, as you discovered above, can be consumed in a variety of different ways – in smoothies, porridge or other tasty recipes. These powders come in many different types, but we think hemp is the best. Here are some of our favourites that you can easily add to most workout meals and snacks.

The best vegan protein powders

  • If you like a good workout, you’ll love our Pure 75% Hemp Protein powder. Not only is it super high in protein (yes, that’s the technical term), it also contains all 20 of the essential amino acids and is a great source of omega 3. It’s made from 100% natural hemp protein and is a great addition to everything from protein shakes to pancake batter.

  • We’ve recently launched a Pure 85% Hemp Protein powder too, which ups the ante from super high in protein to super duper high in protein (25.5g per 30g serving, to be exact). Like our 75% powder, it’s got all the essential amino acids – but this guy has the added benefit of being free from all major allergens, making it suitable for pretty much all diets. Thank you, protein powder fairies!

What to Eat Post Workout

The right food will help to restore your energy levels and can also stimulate muscle growth – that’s why it’s important to eat right after any workout as good nutrition can work wonders in terms of how your body recovers. Although not an exact science, experts suggest eating roughly 30-45 minutes after completing a workout for the best shot at decent results.

Protein is an essential part of any post workout meal, as it is one of the building blocks of body tissue that doubles up as a great source of energy too. Carbs, healthy fats and hydration are important as well. 

Below are some post workout meal and snack choices that are healthy, nutritious and packed with protein, carbs and healthy fats. 

Post workout meals

The following post workout meals are simple to prepare, delicious and a great way to fill up your tummy after a workout: 

  • Hemp seed salad: If you’re looking for a light and healthy post workout nosh, a salad is the right route for you. You can adjust the list of ingredients to fit your personal tastes – hemp seeds are a great way to add a little extra protein to your meal and they’re chock-full of fibre and omega 3, a fatty acid that helps to reduce muscle inflammation. Try our recipe for jewelled butternut squash, barley and watercress salad, made with Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Hearts.

  • Protein pancakes: Do you prefer your pancakes sweet or savoury? No matter what your tastes, protein powder-packed pancakes are a great way to restore your muscles and fill up your stomach post workout. For a surprising savoury option, check our Lauren Lovatt’s smoked tomato protein pancakes with added 85% hemp protein.

  • Super smoothie bowl: Another post workout brekkie you’re sure to love! Nutritious and delicious, you can pack your smoothie bowl with healthy proteins and carbs like bananas, hemp granola, hemp seeds and protein powders. For some naturally sweet inspiration, why not try our triple berry super smoothie bowl?

Post workout snacks

Sometimes putting together a post workout meal simply isn’t possible, especially if you’ve slotted a workout right in the middle of two meetings. In those situations, these snacks should be on hand to give you a boost:

  • Protein smoothie: The perfect post workout snack for on the go! Just add in your faves, like bananas, hemp seeds and peanut butter (another great source of healthy fats!), toss in some protein powder, blend together with some hemp seed milk and you’ve got a portable treat that’s filled to the brim with all the nutrients your body needs post workout.
  • Nuts and seeds: Any vegan will tell you that there are countless nuts and seeds to choose from out there, most of which are better at releasing energy slowly and steadily than any snack you could pick up in the bickie aisle. As mentioned above, hemp seeds are packed with the proteins and good fatty acids you need after exercising.
  • Banana: Ah, the good old banana! Rich in potassium, which can help prevent that uncomfortable cramping after exercise, while its natural sugars will help you regain energy. Just don’t leave it at the bottom of your bag!

It goes without saying, but staying hydrated after you’ve broken a sweat is a must! Dehydration happens more easily than we think, resulting in dizziness and general fatigue. High-electrolyte drinks are an option to consider, but make sure you nibble on something else on this list too, as it won’t be enough to sustain you for hours after a strenuous workout. 

Where to Shop for Post Workout Foods

If you’re wondering about where to look for the ingredients you might need for a hearty meal, or where to find some of the snacks we mentioned, there are some incredible ethical (whoop whoop!) online grocery shopping options to choose from in the UK. Buying from these guys also gives you some serious cred on the sustainability front, which, in 2020, is always important.

Hopefully you now feel more prepared than ever for your next workout and the recovery after – even if you’re only planning on getting to it after another episode of whatever show you’re watching at the moment on Netflix. You’re on the right track, okay?

We are still living in the middle of a global pandemic after all. Go easy on yourself – and try some of the meals, snacks and protein powders mentioned today for a gentle nudge in the right direction. You’ve got this!

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