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What is a latte art throwdown you ask? That’s a pretty reasonable question.

It’s when a group of people who fancy themselves as baristas get viciously pitted against each other, fuelled with beer and vegan food and forced to produce the best frothy coffees they can in a bid to win £250 quid (£100 for second place). Sound good? We think so. If you think you’ve got what it takes to win, or you just want to come to the event, enjoy the free food, free beer and watch coffee get competitive, get your tickets through the link here. 

What are the deets? It’s pretty soon, Thursday the 1st of August at 6PM to be exact, at Eat Your Greens in Leeds. For Baristas, get down for 6 (let us know if this is an issue and we could make some exceptions ?) for spectators boogie on down when you like. 

Hope to see you there, may the best barista win ?

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