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Good Hemp’s Pure CBD Range: Why The Time is Now

We’ve been singing the praises of hemp seeds for over 20 years, but they’re not the only good thing worth shouting about when it comes to this plant. Today we want to introduce you to our Pure CBD oil drops, made from the leaves and flower of the plant. New products, same purpose: good for the planet, and good for the people on it.

When we started Good Hemp 20 years ago, hemp had a pretty bad reputation that revolved around scratchy material and weed (both to be found at festivals around the UK). But we knew that hemp was something of a miracle plant, and couldn’t believe more people weren’t getting behind it. From the stalk and the seeds to the flowers and the leaves, every single part of the hemp plant could be put to good use (not to mention the fact that the plant breathes in four times more CO2 than trees as it grows). So we started our company and set out on a mission to change hemp’s image from bad to good. (Hence the kinda obvious name).

We started with hemp seeds – the omega rich byproduct of the hemp plant used to create our culinary oils, hemp seed milks and hemp protein. And today we want to introduce our community to a new part of the plant: cannibinoids. CBD oil or cannibidoil is a chemical compound extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. It works with the endocannabinoid system to activate receptors in the brain that control things like mood and temperature, helping you restore your natural balance.

Good Hemp Pure CBD Oil Range

Delve deeper into CBD and there’s a whole world of scientific research taking place as we speak, from Harvard and MIT to King’s College London. Then there’s the hundreds of testimonials from people using CBD to treat things like epilepsy, Parkinson’s, insomnia and anxiety. The list could go on (literally forever).

For us, there are a few things that really spark our interest when it comes to CBD. Firstly there’s CBD’s potential for helping skin and heart health. We know that our omega-rich hemp products are already reducing inflammation and blood pressure – but what if we could them an extra helping hand? Secondly CBD’s links to mental health, reported to reduce anxiety and depression in a number of different cases. We’ve always made products that would help you start the day feeling good but this is a game-changer. Oh and the fact that CBD with coffee seems to get rid of the jitters from caffeine. We said it once, but we’ll say it again: game changer.

Our range of  Pure CBD products is our way of introducing you to this part of the hemp plant. We wanted to make our CBD Oils natural, simple yet resourceful with our 2000mg1000mg, 250mg and with flavoured choices of citrus and peppermint! You can drop them in coffee, make a CBD smoothie or sleepy tea, or just simply drop it under the tongue. Carry your drops wherever you go (handbag size) and top up throughout the day. CBD put simply: happier people, happier planet.

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