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Dalgona Coffee

The secret to making these beauties was uncovered for us by @myveganminimalist aka Ty, but we’re sure this isn’t the first time you’re seeing them. If you have any form of social media, you will have seen these cloud coffees floating around your feed over the past couple of weeks. And it’s not surprising why – 1) they seem to defy gravity, 2) they look like a mix between iced coffee and ice cream (yum), and 3) it turns out they’re actually super easy to make! The only ingredients you’ll need are instant coffee, sugar, and hemp milk- ok any milk will work but it’s 10x better if you use hemp. Who would’ve thought that a drink so sophisticated looking can be made with items you already have in your cupboard? Not us!

You don’t need anything fancy equipment either, all you’ll need is some sort of mixing device. You can choose between a free standing mixer (difficulty level: novice), a hand held mixer (intermediate) or a whisk (expert). If you go with the whisk, prepare to work those forearms…

  • 500ml Barista Seed Milk
  • 5 tsp instant coffee
  • 5 tsp caster cugar
  • 5 tsp boiling hot water
  • Ice cubes
  • Optional: vanilla extract
  • Optional: cocoa, cinnamon



In a large bowl mix together sugar and instant coffee, then add boiling hot water. Stir together until the coffee granules have completely dissolved.


Whisk the mixture for 10-15 minutes until light brown and fluffy, it should resemble meringue mixture (aka stiff peaks).


Separately, add ice cubes to your glasses and pour the Barista Seed Milk over the ice cubes. Stir in a couple of drops of vanilla essence.


Add a large spoonful of your fluffy coffee cloud on top of your milk and finish off with cocoa, cinnamon or any other toppings you fancy.


You’re done! Take pictures, add to your Instagram story, then stir together to actually drink.

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