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It’s a weird old time. Never have people been so captivated by what Boris Johnson has to say on TV – and here we are awaiting his every word at 5PM on the dot. Madness.

We’re not writing to say ‘everything’s going to be ok’ because right now, like you, we’re feeling pretty anxious about the future. There’s no denying it’s a shit time for everyone.

But we wanted to give you a bit of an update about what Good Hemp is doing in light of Covid-19 – and hopefully ease your mind where we can, as we know there are worries surrounding food and drink.

We started Good Hemp because we wanted to share the amazing health benefits of a natural and super sustainable plant like hemp, and because we discovered how many of you need our products, from allergy sufferers to vegans. In case you missed it, all of Good Hemp’s range is dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free, too.

Now with Covid-19 on the cards, your aisle is looking a little more busy. We know first-hand how incredibly frustrating it is not to be able to get food you normally have (where are you gluten-free pasta?!) so we have to strike a balance between trying our hardest to produce as much product for you all whilst still ensuring the health and safety of our staff. It’s a tough situation to be in as a business – a lot of businesses are doing what they can to meet the needs of their community.

Are we still making products?

The good news is that we’re currently still making all of our products and our factories are running at full capacity so we can make as much as we can while we can. That means we’ve got you covered for all hemp-related goodness. Remember our hemp milk and hemp seed oil is great for omegas, while hemp seeds packed with 100% plant protein and fibre will last in the store cupboard to see out the storm. Oh and CBD and its anti-anxiety properties have never felt more necessary.

If we all continue to shop as normal, with what we need for our families, we’ll make it through just fine.

Will we continue to produce throughout Covid-19?

We don’t know what the future holds. No one does. As a company who has always championed health, sustainability and community, our main priority is keeping our staff happy, healthy and safe. We’ll continue to deliver our products to supermarkets, grocery stores and the like as long as we are able to do so. We’re here for you, but also need to be here for the people behind-the-scenes who keep Good Hemp running.

Will we continue business as usual?

We’ll keep you updated on that side of things, but for now, in an effort not to add too much to the streams of Corona content, we’ll be delivering our usual dose of content around sustainability, self-care and the root of everything: hemp.

So while you’re here and thinking of what you can do to distract yourselves from the doom and gloom, how about taking a look at a few recipes, get inspired by young activists, or learn how to make a hemp milk Irish coffee (just don’t tell your bosses on your morning conference call).

We’ll just be over here making hemp pancakes and searching for vegan mince again. Who knew it would take Corona for people to start trying out things in the plant-based aisle!

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