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Other Brands that Champion Hemp

We’ve believed for a really long time (over 20 years in fact) that hemp is a miracle plant. But we’re not the only ones. We ring a bell in our office every time we hear about another brand that’s using hemp. Okay so not actually but we do get really excited.

Why? Well, because it’s a super sustainable plant that breathes in CO2 (4x more than trees), enriches the soil for nutrients and doesn’t need much water to grow. The more people growing and using hemp, the better for the planet. Then there’s the fact that the entire plant can be put to good use – from the stalk and the seeds, to the flowers and the leaves – so there’s more than enough to go around (and no waste). 

We first discovered hemp back in 1998 when we were growing the plant to use the stalks for sustainable car dashboards (for none other than BMW). One year later we found a few hemp plants missed from harvest that had flowered and produced seed. Once we discovered the nutritional value of the hemp seed, we started to make food and drink – from oils to milks and protein – and we haven’t looked back since. This June, we’ll be using even more of the hemp plant with the introduction of our CBD oil drops. Extracted from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant, CBD is a chemical compound that scientists believe reacts with the endocannabinoid system to promote the body’s natural homeostasis (balance). As we said – a miracle plant. 

But enough about us. This really is bigger than Good Hemp. There’s a whole gang of us that believe hemp could change the world – from surfers and swimmers to farmers and construction workers – we call this the #goodgang. But we need the customer’s support. That’s why we’ve made a list of brands and products that use hemp. So that you (yeah, you) can be part of the change.

1. The Body Shop Skin Care Range

These guys started using hemp around the same time as us (maybe even a little before) and they were met with the same response …”you’re using what?!” Back then, a lot of people thought hemp was what you smoked at a festival. However 20 years on their hemp body care range is still going strong. (It might even be one of the best performing product lines in Body Shop history.) They, like us, use hemp seed oil’s omega-rich properties for heavy duty hydration for dry skin. Their bestselling Hemp Hand Protector is meant to restore moisture for up to 24 hours, while their body moisturiser is a great all-rounder.

2. Dr Organic Hemp Skin Care and Hair Care

A bit later to the game, Dr Organic is another brand that shouts about the benefits of hemp. They call it the “super seed” with an “unsurpassed fatty acid profile and an optimal ratio of protein-building nutrients” which makes “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil”. Their hemp oil rescue shampoo and conditioner combines hemp seed oil with botanical active ingredients that help reduce hair loss, increase density and stimulate growth. Meanwhile their triple treatment pack includes a hemp oil rescue cream, hemp oil eye serum and a hemp oil lip serum.

3. Afends Clothing 

When it comes to getting a sustainable wardrobe, look no further than this surf and skate brand. They’ve spent years researching hemp and discovered that it was one of the most sustainable ways to make clothing. Unlike cotton, the plant naturally irrigates and doesn’t need any pesticides or chemicals to grow and the material makes durable clothing which “wears in not out” – aka it’s made to last. They now make everything from shirts and skirts to the most sustainable board shorts around. They even made a feature film about hemp.

4. Levi’s T-Shirts

This was big news in the hemp community. An all-American brand getting on board with hemp and shouting about its environmental impact could be monumental for everyone. Back in March, Levi’s debuted a collaboration that included a pair of jeans and jacket pade from a 69%-cotton and 31%- hemp blend that actually felt like pure cotton. Hemp uses significantly less water than cotton and doesn’t need any pesticides, herbicides or nasties to growd. Levi’s Head of Product Innovation Paul Dillinger hopes for a 100% cottonised-hemp garment that is all hemp but feels like cotton. “Our intention is to take this to the core of the line, to blend it into the line, to make this a part of the Levi’s portfolio.”

5. Daye Tampons 

A tampon made from hemp? We never thought we’d see the day(e). This start-up run by Bulgarian entrepreneur Valentina Milanova is launching the world’s first cramp-fighting tampon using sustainable hemp as the material and CBD for pain-relief. Genius. A whopping 97% of tampons on the market today are made partially from plastic, and many of them end up in our oceans. While there are organic cotton tampons on the market, hemp is a more sustainable plant using less water to grow. What’s more, they use 30% CBD in their tampons for localised pain relief and are the first company to conduct extensive clinical studies on their tampons as well as lab-testing every batch of fibre and CBD.

6. Natasha Tonic Swimwear

We found these hemp swimsuits while browsing sustainable shopping site Rêve en Vert. A lot of what’s on the market is made out of polyester – a non-biodegradable material which can irritate your skin. Anyone else outraged about that £1 bikini from Misguided, which claimed to be “empowering women” with a price that was totally unsustainable and disrespectful of women further down the production line? Well that was made from polyester.  Okay rant over. Back to celebrating Natasha Tonic for using a natural hemp fibre which isUV resistant, made to last and a healthier choice for people’s skin.

7. MIA Hemp Chocolate

MIA stands for Made In Africa, and this company makes sure its products are not only Made in Africa, but done so with locally sourced ingredients and materials. What’s more they have a signature bar with almond nuts and hemp seed made with cocoa mass, cane sugar and cocoa butter. Smooth and creamy (just like our dairy-free milks).

8. Endoca CBD Hemp Salve 

For instant relief from irritation, excessive dryness and broken skin, Hemp salve is a life-saver. This one from Endoca combines CBD oil with Coconut Oil and Beeswax, hemp seed oil, lemon peel oil, vanilla and vitamin E. A winning formula we’d say!

7. Harrison Spinks Mattresses

Yup, that’s right you can sleep on hemp too. Harrison Spinks is a mattress company with their own flax and hemp farm. They harvest and process all their hemp on site before taking it to Leeds to be used as part of their luxury mattress fillings. They say that hemp is ten times more absorbent than cotton and draws away moisture from the body during the night keeping you cool and fresh. Then there’s the fact that it’s a natural hypoallergenic and is resistant to mildew and bedbugs. Is there anything hemp can’t do?

hemp by hownd

8. Hemp by Hownd

Hemp is not just for humans, it’s for your hounds too. This skin, nose and paw balm made from hemp seed oil is used to protect, soothe and moisturise exposed skin. In the Summer it shields from UV rays while in the winter it’s perfect to guard their soft pads from ice and salted pavements.

9. Hempcrete

The construction industry is responsible for around 60% of the UK’s total carbon emissions, both from the energy used during construction and the occupants later on. A solution to that problem is hempcrete – a bio-composite material made up of hemp hurds and lime. Because the plant absorbs CO2 while it grows, retaining the carbon and releasing the oxygen, the material has the ability to lock away around 110-160kg of CO2 per m3 of the stuff. Not only that, but hempcrete walls have better insulation and thermal performance meaning the occupants use much less energy. Sounds pretty good to us!


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