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9 Sustainable Changes to Make Before 9AM

How do you like your eggs in the morning? No eggs at all thanks, we’re vegan…

A person’s morning routine can be sacred. Whether you jump out of bed at 5am or snooze until the crack of 8, everyone has a way of making each morning their own. At Good Hemp we’re all about encouraging people to make small changes that have a big impact. With that in mind, we’re going to suggest a few tiny changes to your morning routine. From brushing with a bamboo toothbrush to wrapping leftover food in beeswax, all of these changes are manageable, and will help to make the world a greener, cleaner place. Repeat after us: “I will not freak out”.

1. Brush with Bamboo

A whopping 3.6billion plastic toothbrushes are used every year, and roughly 80 per cent of those wind up in the ocean where they pose a threat to marine life. So why not get rid of morning breath guilt-free by brushing with an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush? Try Purganics, which has a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainability grown bamboo and bristles from BPA-free Nylon (yes, we know that’s a plastic, but the only fully biodegradable bristles are made from pig or badger – not vegan, and not gentle enough on delicate gums). Pair with georganics plastic-free toothpaste and floss (Made in England) and you’re fresher than you’ve ever been before.

2. Wash with Funky Soap

For many of us, scores of shampoo, conditioner and showers gel lining our bathroom cupboards has become the norm. But don’t you think that delicious body wash is starting to smell a little off? Bath soap is so much better for the planet. Funky Soap and Bain & Savon have a delicious range of vegan, palm oil free bars for hair and body care all of which come wrapped in paper. Be sure to invest in a ceramic soap dish to keep them fresh.

3. Wipe with Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap? We do, to be honest. Traditional toilet paper is biodegradable, but it almost always come wrapped in lousy cellophane. Enter Who Gives A Crap, an eco-friendly brand which makes their rolls from either 100% recycled paper or bamboo, and then wraps them in biodegradable packaging (which happens to come in colourful prints). What’s more, the brand gives 50% of their profits to help build facilities in developing countries.

4. Have hemp milk for breakfast

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve at least considered switching completely to plant-based milk. And although we’re biased we really do think hemp is the best of the bunch. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it many many times again: hemp is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. It breathes in 4x the amount of CO2 than trees, does not need any nasty pesticides to grow and naturally irrigates (unlike almond and soya which are very thirsty indeed). Our creamy milk is perfect for pouring over cereal, porridge or splashing in tea. And as it’s from a hemp seed base, it’s packed with omega-3. Meanwhile our new barista makes the perfect frothy coffee (more on how to make your coffee better below).

Visit our sustainable food delivery guide for a delicious vegan recipe for hemp seed streusel muffins! The perfect breakfast treat. 

5. Dress second-hand

While it might be tricky to swear off the high street completely (though serious props to you if you have) there are small ways you can start to think about clothes more ethically, which will have a big impact. Try checking vintage and second-hand shops first when you’re looking for a new outfit (we love Mary’s Living and Giving) or shop online at Thrift+. Switch out any clothes you don’t wear by donating them to Traid. Every year, the charity shop chains save 3,000 tonnes of clothing from going to landfill. Do you really need those sparkly flares? If not, give ‘em up. You can even ask for your garms to be collected from home.

6. Plan your lunch

Over a third of the food we produce (around 1.3 billion tonnes each year) is wasted and it’s one of the biggest contributors of harmful greenhouse gases. So why not plan the night before, cooking up any leftovers into a tasty takeaway dish for the next day? Pack it up into a Black + Blum stainless steel lunch box and away you go. Still have leftovers? Wrap it up in a reusable Beeswax Wrap – made with Pine Resin, organic Jojoba Oil and UK Beeswax – rather than cling film.

7. Share your leftover food

If you’ve got so much leftover that it’ll go off before you could possibly eat it, have some extra homegrown vegetables or are about to go on holiday then give it away via the food-sharing app Olio. Their mission it is to reduce food waste by connecting neighbours and local shops so surplus food can be shared rather than thrown away. Simply snap a picture of and it’ll be snapped up before you know it. We’re especially big fans because, like us, they believe small actions lead to big changes.

8. BYO (bring your own)

So we’ve all got used to bringing our own water bottle and coffee cup (if you need any more incentive, high street chains such as Pret, Costa, Starbucks and others offer coffee discounts if you bring your own reusable cup) but now it’s time to embrace bringing your own cutlery and straws. Try these ecostrawz made out of bamboo and this eco-friendly cutlery set by FreddyandMeByTheSea. 

9. Change the way you travel

If it’s feasible for you to cycle, run walk (even rollerblade) to where you are going, then do it, do it, do it. If the journey seems a little far then a good option could be an electric bike which promise to make molehills out of mountains. At the very least, check out the public transport options in your area, or consider carpooling with friends and coworkers who live nearby.

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